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Genshin Impact leak suggests Dori is free in version 3.2

A known Genshin Impact leak source has recently suggested HoYoverse will give Dori to players for free during the RPG's version 3.2 update

Genshin Impact leak: A small child with pink hair and a purple hat sits in the light of the sunset

This new Genshin Impact leak advises players to save their Primogems during the RPG game‘s second  version 3.0 banner if they’re looking to pull for Dori. It appears as though the four-star Electro character will be handed out for free in version 3.2. However, each Genshin Impact update lasts about five weeks. That puts 3.2’s start date sometime in earlier November, so the wait may be a bit too long for some who want to use Dori as soon as possible.

The leak in question comes from the well-known UBatcha in a tweet with the information mentioned above. They also state that gifts from HoYoverse such as these can be altered or removed at any time, so the information is subject to change. This is especially true since version 3.2 is relatively far away at this point.

However, SaveYourPrimos, another reliable source of leaks, retweeted UBatcha’s tweet, which gives the details a bit more credibility. The latter is known for accurately predicting upcoming character banners and releases. In fact, they recently suggested that Kusanali, Scaramouche, and Dehya will all be coming soon.

If it does happen, it’s likely that HoYoverse will hand out Dori as a reward for participating in a new event, just as they did with Collei when players first entered Sumeru at the beginning of version 3.0. And this might be for the best, seeing as a vocal portion of the fanbase doesn’t seem to want to pull for Dori at all when looking at the controversy surrounding the character.

If you’re one of the players who isn’t too keen on Dori, you’ll be happy to know that several other characters will be getting their own banners in Genshin Impact version 3.1, including Cyno, Nilou, and Candace. Additionally, Venti and Eula are rumoured to be getting reruns during that same update to coincide with Mondstadt’s upcoming Of Ballads and Brews event.