Genshin Impact leak lists Kusanali, Scaramouche, & Dehya release times

This Genshin Impact leak suggests that players looking to pull for Kusanali, Scaramouche, and Dehya in the RPG will have to wait a bit longer than expected


This new Genshin Impact leak is looking far ahead into the RPG game‘s future as it provides tentative Kusanali, Scaramouche, and Dehya release dates. Version 3.0 has only been live for a couple of weeks, but leakers are already working overtime to uncover what’s next. This new info suggests that Kusanali, the Dendro Archon, will arrive in version 3.2, followed by Scaramouche in version 3.3 with Farazun as a four-star support character, and then Dehya in version 3.5. It appears as though there won’t be any new five-star characters in version 3.4, which would fit with previous leaks suggesting HoYoverse is planning a full slate of Archon reruns.

The leak comes from a tweet by the ever-informed SaveYourPrimos, but the details are translated from a generally reliable source named Uncle Lu. SaveYourPrimos is in the business of predicting new character banners through data mines, leaks, and informed speculation, so a large part of the community looks to them to find out when to, well, save their Primos.

The Dendro Archon Kusanali, AKA Nahida, is the main focus of the current Archon Quests, so it’s expected that her banner will come sooner than the rest. For reference, Electro Archon Raiden Shogun joined the roster in version 2.1, just after Inazuma was introduced in 2.0.  Plenty of Scaramouche leaks have recently popped up suggesting his upcoming appearance as both a boss and playable character, so there’s no surprise with his placement either.

The most unexpected part of the SaveYourPrimos tweet is that players will have to wait until version 3.5 to pull for Dehya, even though she’s already played a notable role in the Sumeru Archon questline. However, these leaks are coming so early that all details are likely subject to change, so those who want to see Dehya sooner shouldn’t give up their hopes just yet.

For those who are more interested in reruns, SaveYourPrimos also speculates that Venti and Raiden will be coming back soon to create a string of Archon banners alongside Zhongli and Kusanali. Meanwhile, if you’re working on building characters from the current update, check out our recommendations for the best Tighnari builds and best Collei builds as well.