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What is the Hogwarts Legacy House Cup?

Fans of Harry Potter will want to know if the House Cup is in Hogwarts Legacy, and if so, if they can earn valuable points to contribute to the final score.

Hogwarts Legacy House Cup - two Hogwarts students are sneaking into a tent with fur lining.

Want to know if you can win the Hogwarts Legacy House Cup or if it’s even in the game? If you’re familiar with the Harry Potter universe, you’ll already know that teachers blurt out “ten points to Gryffindor” at every opportunity. These proclamations serve a purpose in the books and films: every point gets a student’s house ever closer to sealing victory and earning the House Cup.

Students at Hogwarts earn points for many reasons, whether by learning Hogwarts Legacy spells quickly in classes or by feats of bravery or cunning. Winning the House Cup is a badge of honour for all students in the school, so no matter which house the Hogwarts Legacy sorting hat dumps you in, there would theoretically be a chance for you to get a share of the glory as part of the best Hogwarts Legacy house. If you help win it in your first year by completing tasks in the open-world game, then all the better.

Hogwarts Legacy House Cup - a Dark Wizard is about to cast a spell. He is wearing a skull facemask. A dragon is slowly stirring behind him.

Can you win the House Cup in Hogwarts Legacy?

You can’t earn points for the House Cup in Hogwarts Legacy, or at least not in the traditional way. There is a post-game mission where Professor Weasley adds points to your house at the last second, thus winning your chosen house the House Cup. To get this, you must reach level 34 and complete the main campaign. If you want an idea of how long Hogwarts Legacy is, you should check out our Hogwarts Legacy challenges guide for a complete rundown.

If we hear more about the House Cup in Hogwarts Legacy, we’ll be sure to let you know how you can earn points for your house. Speaking of the school’s houses, you can find several Hogwarts Legacy common rooms, each requiring a unique method of accessing it known only to its respective students. You can also access the Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement if you need to craft items or look after Hogwarts Legacy beasts inside the RPG game’s Vivarium. While there’s no Hogwarts Legacy mod out there for keeping track of your house’s current points total, you can at least check out an upcoming Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mod that will potentially allow you to explore the school grounds with other players.

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