Best Honkai Star Rail Pela build

The best Honkai Star Rail Pela build transforms the calm, collected, and icy intelligence officer into a devastating debuffer that tears through enemy defenses.

The best Pela build for the purple-haired, glasses-wearing character

What is the best Honkai Star Rail Pela build? Pela is Belobog’s cool-headed Silvermane Intelligence Officer, whose calm demeanor belies an incredibly tactical mind – the kind of mind that you’ll want on your side and ready to help target and shred enemy defenses. Pela walks the Path of Nihility, acting as both a useful debuffer and a solid source of ice-focused damage if you can spend the time to build her well.

While only in the four-star category, Pela still finds herself in the upper echelons of our Honkai Star Rail tier list due to her high-value kit. You’ll want to put the best foot forward in any committal to a Pela addition on your Honkai Star Rail team comp, so grab some extra pulls for her by farming free Stellar Jade and redeeming even more from our up-to-date list of Honkai Star Rail codes will be vital.

What is the best Pela build?

The best build for Pela in Honkai Star Rail is:

  • Light Cone  In the Name of the World
  • Relics  Hunter of Glacial Forest
  • Planar Ornaments  Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise
  • Eidolons  Level 4: Full Analysis
  • Team comp – Pela, Yanqing, Gepard, Silver Wolf

Pela’s build relies on her strength as a support character. Pair her with equipment that amplifies the valuable defense debuff from her ultimate, and target the effect hit rate statistic whilst utilizing her skill, Frostbite, to dispel enemy buffs.

Whether it’s a boss trying to boost its own attack, or one of the annoying, self-reviving Mara-struck on Xianzhou, Pela’s utility is the best answer to a multitude of problems. Her ice damage is nothing to be scoffed at either, though only once you’ve spent the time to build up her Traces and picked up some Eidolons that amplify her ice defense reduction capabilities.

The best Light Cone for Pela shows a figure in a top hat

Pela light cones

The best Light Cones for Pela are:

  • In the Name of the World (five-star)
  • Good Night and Sleep Well (four-star)
  • We Will Meet Again (three-star)
  • Hidden Shadow (three-star)

There are a good few options available to Pela when it comes to Honkai Star Rail Light Cones, but the ideal choices are going to be ones that accentuate her damage output specifically against debuffed foes. Either In the Name of the World or Good Night and Sleep Well are optimal choices for Pela, but you’re subject to relying on gacha luck to own either of these. Easier options include We Will Meet Again available from level 30 on the current battle pass for some extra damage, or likewise from Hidden Shadow, albeit more situational.

Pela Relics

Pela’s best Relic Sets are:

Relic Effect
Hunter of Glacial Forest Increases Pela’s ice damage by 10%. After Pela unleashes her ultimate, her crit damage increases by 25% for two turns.
Thief of Shooting Meteor Increases Pela’s break effect by 16%. Whenever Pela inflicts a weakness break, regenerates three energy.

The Hunter of Glacial Forest set includes the best Honkai Star Rail relics for Pela in the majority of situations. The crit damage is certainly nice and suits fast DPS support, but there’s a good situational argument to be made for the increased break effect and energy regeneration offered by the Thief of Shooting Meteor set, too. Keeping Pela topped up on energy ensures she can throw out more ultimates and keep the enemy’s defense debuff ongoing. As for relic stats, prioritize effect hit rate followed by speed, crit, and attack.

Pela Planar Ornaments

The best Planar Ornament set for Pela is:

Planar Ornaments Effect
Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise Increases Pela’s effect hit rate by 10%, also increasing her attack by 25% of her current effect hit rate, up to a maximum of 25%.

Pela shines when she can continue to keep her defense-lowering debuff running across the board on as many enemies as possible, so it’s a given that we go all-in on maxing as much effect hit rate as possible. The attack increase is just the icing on the frosty cake.

The best Pela relics focus on increasing her break effect

Pela Eidolons

Eidolon Effect
Level 4: Full Analysis When using her skill, Pela has a 100% base chance to reduce the enemy’s ice resistance for two turns.

If you can afford to gun for Pela’s fourth Eidolon, it will pay dividends in making her a contender in damage on top of her excellent kit, solidifying her role in the team as more than just a support against ice-vulnerable opposition. Eidolons overwhelmingly depend upon luck of the draw on Honkai Star Rail Warps, but you might be in with a chance to purchase additional Eidolons using Undying Starlight, depending on the current Starlight Exchange shop rotation.

Pela Ascension Materials

Pela’s Ascension Materials are:

  • Horn of Snow
  • Guardian’s Lament
  • Obsidian of Obsession / Obsidian of Desolation / Obsidian of Dread
  • Squirming Core / Glimmering Core / Extinguished Core

The hardest to come by materials here are the Obsidian series of items, which will require considerable grinding of the Calyxes available via the Inter-Astral Guide. We’d recommend saving your Trailblaze Energy where possible for these materials, as in our experience the Cores can often drop in the Simulated Universe and elsewhere.

The best Pela build makes use of her strong ultimate against three armed enemies with shields and axes.

Pela best team comp

The best Pela team comp is:

  • Pela – Offensive debuffer
  • Yanqing – Main DPS
  • Gepard – Tank
  • Silver Wolf – Offensive debuffer

Pela’s ability to sap the enemy’s defense leaves them wide open to Yanqing’s devastating single-target crit attacks. Gepard’s shield is your main line of defense against the bulk of most attacks, and he can also inflict Freeze to knock trickier foes out of the rotation for bonus survivability. Silver Wolf is the perfect unit to round off this mono-element team thanks to the extraordinarily high probability for her skill to apply an Ice weakness to enemies without it, or a Quantum weakness to those that do.

It’s worth mentioning that this team comp is only effective if you’re running the best builds for each character – particularly Gepard, who requires the shield sustain to keep everyone alive through lengthy battles. If you’re a bit short on equipment, we recommend swapping Silver Wolf out for Natasha or Bailu in the interim to grant you that additional support.

That’s it for our best Pela build. She’s certainly one of the best Honkai Star Rail characters available in the anime game, slotting into almost any team comp in need of some prime debuffs. Our Honkai Star Rail review dips into our time adventuring around Pela’s home turf, so be sure to have a read while you’re wishing on banners to build out your team.