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Superhero Minecraft Skins

Iron Man

Iron Man Minecraft Skin

Ol’ shellhead is easily the most popular of Marvel’s characters right now, so you may be desperate to don his iconic hot-rod red armour. This is a detailed replica of his classic armour, complete with triangle chest piece and palm repulsors. 

Captain America 

Captain America Minecraft skin

Leader of the Avengers; head-strong, noble, and a staunch opposer of Hydra. If you’re planning on roleplaying Cap, be sure to address everyone as “Son.” 


Groot Marvel Minecraft skin

I am Groot. You are Groot. We are Groot. 

The Flash

the flash minecraft skin

Unfortunately, suiting up as the fastest man alive won't actually give you any speed boosts (that’s what Minecraft mods are for). 

The Incredible Hulk 

Hulk Minecraft skin

The jade giant stomps his way into Minecraft by way of this Hulk skin. Whilst you can't increase the size of your player model to scale with the amount of rage you have boiling up inside, you can at least flap about your huge, toothy mouth by rocking your mouse forward and backwards.

Star Lord

best minecraft skins star lord

When it comes to supeheroes, you can't get cooler than Star Lord. Build your sci-fi world and have adventures with your mixtape on loud.


Playing second fiddle is part and parcel of the Boy Wonder’s life. However, with this skin you can go off and create your own Robin-led adventures out in the innumerable worlds of Minecraft… like that great Batman comic where Robin runs away to mine dirt for a few weeks.

The Green Lantern

Green Lantern minecraft skin

Reciting Green Lantern’s oath whilst chasing innocent animals around your base might rob the moment of any gravitas, but at least you’ll look the part. Either way, he’s the cutest interstellar law enforcement officer we’ve ever seen.


Thor Minecraft skin

We’re not entirely sure if there’s much call for Norse gods in Minecraft. But those blocky Creeper heads are the absolute perfect target for a swift hammer whack, so we think Thor has work to do here. 


Deadpool Minecraft skin

Dressing up as Marvel’s merc-with-a-mouth is pretty popular at conventions and seems to attract a lot of attention, so be the super-popular kid on your server by switching out to this Deadpool skin


Wolverine Minecraft skin

Admittedly the best thing about Wolverine is missing from this skin, and after playing LEGO Marvel we were convinced that his claws would be perfect for digging in Minecraft’s dirt. At least he’s decked out in that cool blue-and-yellow 1990s costume, though. 


Superman Minecraft skin

A skin best employed in creative mode, where you can actually fly like the Man of Steel himself. 


Batman Minecraft skin

With his cute breezeblock of a head and stubby little ears, you’d never believe that Batman could have such a tragic past. Help him avenge his parents by constructing a better Gotham, free of dodgy little alleyways where muggers can hang out. 

Wonder Woman 

Wonder Woman Minecraft skin

Keep the citizens of Minecraft honest and true by making daily patrols dressed as Princess of the Amazon herself: Wonder Woman.

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Fattox Avatar
1 Year ago

So which of you guys wanted to post this article, but were too shy to put it under your own account? :)

Slime_84 Avatar
9 Months ago

Nice, do you have the pencil skin for download?

13th |UKCS| Avatar
2 Years ago

I've got the Slenderman skin on my Minecraft character. I do spend most of my time on multiplayer servers just following one person about when they aren't looking, then stopping when they look at me. It's always a bit of a laugh and gives me something to do in Minecraft if I'm bored

RaXZerGamingZ Avatar
2 Years ago

where is Sora from kingdom hearts ? bastards , always link on number 1

2 Years ago

i feel like all you did was look up all the characters you could think of from a game or movie and just looked up the skins for it. none of these are great, these are all everyday skins i see..

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2 Years ago

how to do that

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1 Year ago

how do you downlod

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1 Year ago

I LOVE all those skins! But my skin is........................... PRINCESS LEIA! ( But she is now General Leia )

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1 Year ago

this game is the best game in the world

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1 Year ago

This is amazing I should recamand this