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How long is Palworld?

Find out the length of time it takes to beat Palworld as the subversive creature collector receives new content in early access and beyond.

How long is Palworld: Flopie and Daedream frolic together on Palpagos Island.

How long is Palworld? It’s been a long time coming, but Pokemon with guns is finally here. Whether you’re an Ark enthusiast or a die-hard Pokéfan, Pocketpair’s survival RPG has a lot to offer, and its myriad mechanics can cause the hours to fly by without notice.

Of course, you might be wondering exactly how long it will take you to capture all Palworld Pals and explore every settlement and dungeon on the expansive Palworld map. The answer isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Palworld is currently in early access, so you can expect your total playtime to extend as more content is added. Be sure to keep up with the length of time it takes to clear the open-world game’s content following the Palworld release date right here on PCGamesN, as we use our own hands-on experience to bring you the answers.

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How long is Palworld?

Palworld will take between 30 to 50 hours to beat. According to developer Pocketpair, Palworld’s inaugural early access build contains “more than 100 monsters, a vast open world, over 350 items, and more than 70 types of buildings”. However, more content is set to be rolled out in future updates, which will inevitably extend the length of Palworld’s playtime even further.

Like most survival games, your overall progression in Palworld also depends on how you prefer to spend your time. If you’d prefer to put all your energy into upgrading your Palworld base and kitting it out with every structure in the Palworld Technology tree, then you might your total hours played could easily creep into the hundreds. Conversely, joining a community Palworld server or joining forces with a friend in Palworld multiplayer will undoubtedly save you bags of time when it comes to crafting and exploration.

There’s already plenty of ‘endgame’ activities available for those who’ve seen and done everything that Palpagos Island has to offer at the moment. You might prefer to discover new fusions with Palworld breeding or pour all your efforts into transforming your cute critters into Palworld fighting champions. Palworld mods are also bound to keep you occupied once you’ve cleared all the content Pocketpair has to offer.

Now that you’re up to speed on how long it takes to beat Palworld, check out the Palworld system requirements and Palworld controller support if you’re yet to dip your toe into the Pokémon PC game. Alternatively, we’ve got the lowdown on Palworld variations to watch out for in the wild, as well as all the Palworld jobs you can assign them.