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Can you respec in Starfield?

Picking your stats in Starfield can be a tricky decision, and you might find that decision even harder if it turns out you can’t respec later in the game.

How do you respec in Starfield? The decision to pick your traits and skills can be a difficult one, especially if you haven’t spent hours meticulously planning your character. We know certain aspects of your avatar can be customized in-game, but it’s unclear whether our decision to select specific skills will come back to haunt us.

When it comes to the Starfield character creation options, you can change your entire appearance by heading to genetics facilities on civilized Starfield planets. Whether the same can be said for your Starfield traits and Starfield skills remains to be seen, though it should be noted that Bethesda RPG games typically don’t allow players to reselect their skills. Here’s what we know about the respec option in Starfield.

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Can you respec in Starfield?

Most Bethesda games don’t have a respec option, so we don’t expect to see one appear in Starfield. Having said that, whether Starfield features an option to respec your character hasn’t been confirmed or denied yet. 

That hasn’t stopped the community from creating Starfield mods specifically for this purpose. This has been the case for Skyrim mods, New Vegas mods, and Fallout 3 mods, so don’t be too surprised if Starfield draws the line at allowing players to pick their skills again.

Based on what we’ve seen from plenty of gameplay, it looks as though the space game may not have a Starfield max level cap. If that’s the case, there may not be a need to respec if you can endlessly gain experience points to reach the next level, giving you access to more skills.

That’s all you need to know about the respec option in Starfield. With the Starfield release date closing in, you’re going to want to know whether Starfield is coming to Game Pass at launch. If you really can’t wait to get your hands on the game, the Starfield early access date gives players the chance to blast off into the atmosphere one week ahead of the launch date.

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