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Your PC gaming weekend: Unlock a Red Dead 2 gun, get free Ubisoft games, snowball fight in Destiny 2, and more!

Your PC Gaming Weekend

Ho ho ho! Happy holidays! Oh wait, it’s not quite yet is it? Got a little carried away there. Sorry. Blimey, though, isn’t it close? The big break. The winter getaway. The merriest time of the year. Here’s the big question, though: what are you going to be playing over this important weekend? Let us help you out with that…

Grab a free Steam key for team arena brawler Battlerite– we have 5000 in total!

Now is as good a time as any to jump into the heft competition of Battlerite. Why? You have at least a week off, right? You can get some proper practice in. At least grab a key for a free mount – consider it a gift from us to you!

Unlock a gun for Red Dead Redemption 2 by playing GTA Online

Red Dead Redemption 2 is not out for a long time. Still, who doesn’t want to unlock a golden gun for the forthcoming open-world cowboy game? And all you have to do is play GTA Online. Solid.

Jump into the 1.0 version of PUBG with the new desert map and more

Here we are, right at the end of the year, and the biggest game of 2017 has only just come out. Out of Early Access that is. If you have been waiting for PUBG to enter full release status then now is the time to jump in.

Throw a suplex in Fire Pro Wrestling now it’s out of Early Access

Screw all of those other wrestling games – this is the one and true. Fire Pro Wrestling may not look like much, but heck, you’re gonna have a blast suplexing your way around the ring. Another game out of Early Access. What a great time of the year.

Get the sneak on your enemies in Dying Light with the new gun silencer

Dying Light’s free content keeps coming. Now we have a gun silencer to toy around with. Those undead won’t know what just hit ’em. It was you wasn’t it? With that whisper gun of yours. Oh, you scamp!

Make Bayek ride a chocobo around Ancient Egypt inAssassin’s Creed Origins

Now, OK, things are getting weird. Not only does Bayek now have the option to ride a chocobo – yes, those squawkers from Final Fantasy XV. But get this: it’s a goddamn four-legged chocobo. It’s a bird-horse. Who invented that?!

Get in a snowball fight and play Mayhem in Destiny 2’s festive event

Thanks, Bungie. At long last we have some festive content to tell you to head off and play. The Dawning is a new wintry evebt that lets you throw snowballs at other players and jump back into Mayhem, a returning PvP mode.

Head into the jungle with Planet Coaster’s new Adventure Pack DLC

Planet Coaster has headed to the jungle. Well, it has if you decide to purchase this new Adventure Pack DLC. Not exactly festive this DLC but we’ll take it. New hats, new rides, and lots of new items. Cheers!

Grab yourself three Ubisoft games for the price of installing Uplay (nothing!)

What’s even better than a winter event? Free games, obvs. Ubisoft are being a right load of gift givers as they have Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, World in Conflict, and Watch Dogs up for free on Uplay for a limited time.

Check out zombie strategy game They Are Billions to find out why everyone is playing it
Ever get the feeling you’re missing out on something while you’re sat at home with a full belly? Well, you are – it’s a zombie-based strategy game called They Are Billions. It came out a week or so ago and has blown up. Everyone’s playing it! There’s a discount right now so you might as well pick it up.

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