How to get Diablo 4 crushed beast bones

Finding the Diablo 4 crushed beast bones is straightforward if you know where to find them, so we’ll help you locate the material to craft elixirs.

A multi-headed beast with big teeth can potentially have some Diablo 4 crushed beast bones on its corpse.

Where are the Diablo 4 crushed beast bones? If you’re asking this question, you’re probably on the hunt for this resource to upgrade your healing potions. After all, to aid you in defeating the demonic hordes that threaten the peace in Sanctuary, a healing potion that helps you recover all your health is significantly better than one that only gives you some.

In the early game, finding Diablo 4 crushed beast bones might be tricky, but they come in frequent supply later on. While playing it for our Diablo 4 review, we noticed that, if you’re not paying attention, this can be tricky to find consistently. You’ll need a fair number to bolster the healing abilities of your chosen warrior among the Diablo 4 classes, or you can try the best Diablo 4 builds to function at peak effectiveness. So, without further ado, let us help you get some Diablo 4 crushed beast bones.

Several wolf corpses which can contain Diablo 4 crushed beast bones upon their demise, as well as other loot items. The Necromancer is standing next to one with three skeletons flanking him.

How to find Diablo 4 crushed beast bones

To get Diablo 4 crushed beast bones, you can farm kills on animal-like enemies and Werebeasts to earn more or plunder chests when completing dungeon or cellar events. Crushed beast bones also reliably appear whenever you kill an elite enemy called Gaspar Stilbian in the north of Scosglen’s Highland Wilds.

If you’re trying to track down Gaspar Stilbian, head to the Highland Wilds area in Scosglen, north of the beginning Fractured Peaks area on the Diablo 4 map – this named enemy can be found at the northern side of the zone, towards the east side of the map, in a little nook next to a healing altar. Defeating him will give you five crushed beast bones.

A map of Scosglen showing the location of Gaspar Stilbian, an elite enemy that reliably drops Diablo 4 crushed beast bones.

While he’s a level 35 enemy, those looking to get crushed beast bones to upgrade your Diablo 4 healing potion to level 30 should find him pretty easy, as he’s quite a passive opponent. If you don’t want to head up to Scosglen, we’ve also found them in the Flooded Mine cellar to the east of Margrave in the Fractured Peaks; however, it’s nowhere near as consistent.

Getting that potion upgrade may not matter so much early on in the RPG game, but as you progress, you’ll find monsters hit a lot harder, so unless you upgrade their potency, you’ll be chugging them to stay alive. We also have a Diablo 4 elixirs recipe guide if you want to know which Diablo 4 resources you need to gather to make effective potions for combating the demonic hellspawn and where to find them. We also have lists of all the Diablo 4 world bosses, Strongholds, dungeons, and Altar of Lilith locations.