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How to get the Diablo 4 wolf pup

The Diablo 4 wolf pup is the perfect companion to take on your journey across Sanctuary, so find out how to unlock and equip this ultra-cute cosmetic item.

The Diablo 4 wolf pup, otherwise known as the Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic item that can be redeemed by players who took part in the server slam, a backpack framed in antlers and carrying a black-furred wolf pup curled in a red blanket.

How do I get the Diablo 4 wolf pup? The Beta Wolf Pack is a cosmetic item that gives you the opportunity to bring your very own furry friend along with you in an adorable wicker backpack. However, you might not know how to get your hands on this rare cosmetic – or even how to equip it. Thankfully, we’re here to help on both counts.

The wolf pup, officially named the Beta Wolf Pack, is the closest you can currently get to a Diablo 4 pet in Blizzard’s ARPG, so we don’t blame you for wanting one of your very own. Your ability to both get and equip it is wholly dependent on the progress you made in the Diablo 4 beta and server slam – so if you missed out on either, you may well find you’re out of luck.

How to unlock the Diablo 4 wolf pup

The Diablo 4 wolf pup is automatically unlocked for anyone who reached level 20 in the beta or server slam. The Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic was just one of several rewards up for grabs prior to the launch of Diablo 4, and it’s by far and away the cutest of the bunch.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to acquire the Beta Wolf Pack now that the Diablo 4 release date has been and gone. Blizzard is yet to confirm whether or not we might eventually see the Diablo 4 wolf pup become available for those who missed out on the betas, but it’s unlikely that this will happen any time soon. Instead, you may have to settle for a Diablo 4 mount as your trusted companion for the time being – but we wouldn’t rule out a surprise appearance in the battle pass at some point.

The Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic item, otherwise known as the Diablo 4 pup, as it appears in the Wardrobe menu.

How to equip the Diablo 4 wolf pup

The Diablo 4 wolf pup is automatically added to your account once you pick up the full version of the open-world game. You still need to equip the Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic manually before you can show it off to your allies in multiplayer, but this can be done by all characters and Diablo 4 classes as soon as you reach Kyovashad.

Here’s how to equip the Diablo 4 wolf pup:

  • Interact with a wardrobe in any major city
  • Select the ‘Back Trophy’ slot from the ‘Items’ tab
  • Equip the Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic from your collection

Now that you have your Diablo 4 wolf pup all saddled up and ready to go, it’s time to let it see the sights by striking out across the map to battle through Diablo 4 dungeons and come face to face with world bosses. Your wolf pup can’t come to harm no matter how many times you fall foul of the Diablo 4 Butcher, but it can quickly spell your end in Hardcore mode, so keep your eyes peeled and brush up on our best builds. Finally, our Diablo 4 review delves into the good, the bad, and the bloody in Sanctuary.