Fortnite season 10 release date

Here is when the Fortnite Season 10 release date was, and all the information we had at the time regarding the battle pass and other new features.

fortnite season 10 dinosaurs

When was the Fortnite season 10 release date? This new season promised some sweeping map changes, a new storyline, and a fresh Battle Pass teeming with curious challenges and cosmetics. There were plenty of theories at the time prior to release regarding what the new season will be about.

The Fortnite season 10 release date was important to know if you were one of the millions of Fortnite players who clock in every day to tick off daily challenges. This date also heralded the end of the season 9 Battle Pass, so it was good to know how long you had to progress those customizable Fortnite skins. Without further ado, here are all the details we knew ahead of Fortnite season 10.

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Fortnite season 10 release date

The Fortnite season 10 release date was Thursday August 1, 2019, and was stylized and hereby known as Season X. This lined up with the end date of the previous season and was released the following Thursday, something of the norm back in Chapter 1.

Fortnite season X trailers

The first Fortnite season X teaser heralded the return of a now-archaic named area. We were encouraged to ‘Think Back’ to a location that looks a lot like Fortnite Dusty Depot.

Season X was just as much about the future as it was about the past. The second teaser said to ‘Look Forward’, with a Fortnite mech on top of some kind of hill. The logo on the left pertains to the Visitor outfit, a reward for completing Blockbuster challenges from way back in season 4. This was also foreshadowing for the start of Chapter 2 which would begin the following season.

If we ever doubted that the upcoming tenth season would have a temporal element, this third Fortnite teaser ensured it. Plenty of fans are clamoring for original locations such as Dusty Depot but, instead, saw a mix of old and new.

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So, obviously, the biggest takeaway from the final season X teaser is that Jonesy’s had a haircut. He certainly scrubs up well following his time drawing conspiracy cartoons. We jest, of course: the video hint showed a weird, ethereal explosion blasting over Loot Lake with our favorite blonde trying to make an escape.

Fortnite season X news

The Fortnite: The Final Showdown brought the ninth season – almost – to its conclusion with a stupendous bang as the epic Fortnite Cattus vs Doggus battle took place. We thought this would happen from the full Fortnite Fortbytes image revealed to players who collected all the possible puzzle pieces. Jonesy’s apocalyptic predictions came true, and the skull of the enormous defeated feline lies impaled on the map for all to see.

Stranger Things portals in Fortnite cropped up in the shopping mall of Mega Mall, too. These doors to the terrifying ‘Upside Down’ appeared ahead of the third season of the Netflix show, but the terrifying Fortnite Stranger Things skins was only temporary and not something that played a big role in Fortnite Season X.

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Fortnite season X battle pass

This format hasn’t changed much since the Battle Pass was first introduced, so we’re fairly certain we know what’s coming with the Fortnite Season X Battle Pass. First off, you needed a total of 950 Fortnite V-Bucks to purchase the Season X battle pass. This unlocked the premium tier of rewards that you’ll need to progress through in order to earn every goodie. There were new skins, emotes, stickers, harvesting tools, gliders, back bling, and much, much more inside. There was also a tier 100 Battle Pass skin with its own set of challenges that only the dedicated few would stand a chance of completing.

And there you have it: everything we knew about Fortnite Season X ahead of time. Even today, new challenges are cropping up and minor tweaks to the Fortnite map, so do be sure to keep up to date with the latest Fortnite weapons to find out what was vaulted.