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Genshin Impact Klee and Kaeya skins could be coming in the near future

Genshin Impact's next character skins could be coming for two citizens of Mondstadt who we rarely get to see as part of the anime game's story these days.

Genshin Impact Klee and Kaeya skins could be coming in the near future: anime man with blue hair and an eyepatch

The next Genshin Impact skins may be going to Klee and Kaeya if recent leaks are to be believed. It seems that HoYoverse could be adding skins for the Mondstadt natives in version 3.8, which would be right before we enter the anime game‘s next major region, Fontaine. The time between Genshin Impact outfit drops is usually much wider than this – a fact that some players take issue with – so these new ones are a nice surprise.

If Klee and Kaeya’s outfits follow HoYoverse’s recent release method, the five-star skin will be available at a limited-time discount, and the four-star skin will be free through some sort of event.

Diluc and Ayaka – two five-star characters – had events where players could try out the new skins for themselves before purchasing them at a discount with Genesis Crystals in the in-game shop.

Fischl and Lisa, on the other hand, are four-star characters who received similar treatments in terms of letting players try them out, except their skins were handed out for free through participation in their events.

If this trend continues, Klee’s skin will be purchasable in version 3.8, while Kaeya’s will be handed out as a freebie as part of another new event.

Genshin Impact Klee and Kaeya skins could be coming in the near future: anime man with red hair next to anime girl with blonde hair

The leak comes from SpendYourPrimos, which is a secondary account for the well-known Genshin banner leakers, SaveYourPrimos. They recently revealed that Klee and Kaeya skins exist, and they’re likely coming in version 3.8.

However, as with any leaks, early info is always subject to change. So, take all these details with a grain of salt and keep an eye out for official announcements.

Genshin Impact version 3.6 has only just begun, so we’ll still need to wait about a month and a half before we see any official outfit reveals. In the meantime, though, you can still purchase the skins mentioned above, along with the ones for Jean, Barbara, Ningguang, and Keqing through the in-game shop.