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Genshin Impact player manages to 36 star Spiral Abyss in just 16 days

This dedicated Genshin Impact player was somehow able to get 36 stars in the Spiral Abyss after playing for just 16 days with a brand-new account

Genshin Impact player manages to 36 star Spiral Abyss in 16 days: anime girl with pink hair and blue dress

One Genshin Impact player managed to fully complete the anime RPG‘s Spiral Abyss challenge with 36 stars after playing for just 16 days on a new account. Earning all 36 stars in the Spiral Abyss is an accomplishment that many high Adventure Rank players are still striving for after playing for nearly two years, so to manage this in only 16 days is incredible.

A Chinese player named Lugufan (陆孤凡) is the one who pulled this off, and a recent Reddit thread contains some translations and details of the impressive run, including their grinding methods, team comps, pulls, and more.

Even though everything took place within a short 16 days, Lugufan spent many hours exploring nearly 100% of the map and unlocking 450 Achievements to earn about 37,000 Primogems for Wishes. These Primos were then used to obtain Ganyu and Kokomi, the current five-star banner characters. Leftover Primogems were used for refreshes when grinding for artifacts and ascension materials after hitting Adventure Rank 45.

Lugufan obtained 36 stars with a Freeze team of Ganyu, Kokomi, Sucrose, and Rosaria, and a Hyperbloom team that included the Dendro Traveler, Dori, Xingqiu, and Sayu.

Genshin Impact player manages to 36 star Spiral Abyss in 16 days: anime character avatar icons

Redditor zephyredx translated some takeaways from Lugufan’s video of the final Spiral Abyss run on bilibili. The main takeaway seems to be that artifact requirements for Spiral Abyss completion are much lower than expected. Ganyu had a good Flower, but many artifacts stayed at level four or lower. Also, as you may know, the strongbox is a lifesaver when it comes to artifact farming, so Lugufan used it for Viridescent Venerer sets while mainly grinding Blizzard Strayer for Ganyu and Heart of Depth for Xingqiu.

With all that said, Lugufan’s knowledge of the game and its characters was the most important factor in completing this seemingly impossible task. For those still looking to get all 36 stars, maybe Genshin Impact version 3.1 is your chance, as new character banners and free anniversary Primogems are on the way.