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Genshin Impact Tighnari team - the best team comp

The best Genshin Impact Tighnari team makes the most of his DPS role, so find out who best to pair with the first five-star Dendro bow-user

What’s the best Genshin Impact Tighnari team comp? There are a few variations of the best team for Tighnari, so if you do manage to snag this new Genshin Impact character on the next Genshin Impact banner, here are your options.

Tighnari is a five-star Dendro bow-user introduced alongside the new region, Sumeru, in the Genshin Impact 3.0 update. We’ve put together a Genshin Impact Tighnari build based on his abilities, and because Tighnari’s Dendro skills are vital to his build, elemental reactions are key to optimise Tighnari’s elemental burst and elemental skill on the battlefield.

The best Genshin Impact Tighnari team comp is:

Going by the reaction chart in our Genshin Impact Dendro guide, Electro could is the best pairing with Dendro for raw damage. Not only does the Catalyze reaction debuff enemies, Hyperbloom creates a Dendro-packed homing missile which targets the nearest enemy. There’s also a third reaction, Aggravate, which increases the DPS of Electro and Dendro, so we’ve opted for Yae Miko as our sub-DPS Electro character.

Next we’ve gone for Collei as support to help generate energy for Tighnari’s abilities. You can get Collei for free via the Graven Innocence event, so you don’t need to worry about pulling her from wishes. If you don’t fancy a second bow user in your team, however, the Dendro Traveler is a surprisingly good substitute.

Finally, we need a healer or shield, we’ve chosen Barbara, but you could easily swap in Bennett depending on which characters you have. The good news is Tighnari works well with a lot of different characters, mainly due to his elemental reaction build and the elemental mastery buffs other characters provide.

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That’s our take on the best Genshin Impact Tighnari team composition. Check out our Genshin Impact tier list ranking all the best and worst characters, as well as our Genshin Impact codes guide for those free primogems.