Outriders missions guide – main quest list and all side quest locations

Every story mission listed, and every side quest, historian, wanted, and hunter quest location

A couple of NPCs from Outriders giving the player a mission

Want to know how many missions there are in Outriders? This looter-shooter has a fair amount of stuff to do before the all-important Outriders endgame – where all the best loot is – so it’s only reasonable to want to know how far away you are from that point. It’ll take the average player roughly 25-30 hours to finish the main campaign.

While the main missions are rather self-explanatory, there are a few different types of side quests available. Alongside the more traditional missions, there are also several wanted posters, bone piles, and historical trinkets to investigate – and doing so nets you some rather awesome rewards. Make sure you complete some of these at a high world tier to grab some valuable Outriders legendary weapons or even some Outriders legendary armor!

So if you need to know how many more missions you need to play before you enter the endgame, this guide will list every single main story mission, and just for good measure, every side quest location as well.

Outriders story missions

The Outriders main quest list has 25 story missions, with several taking place in the same areas. Some missions have several segments, or story points, so will take longer to complete. Each story point can be replayed at any time by going into the main menu and choosing the ‘Select Story Point’ option.

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Here are all 51 Outriders mission story points:


This is part of the prologue mission.

  • Get to the other side of the battlefield


This mission takes place inside and around Rift Town.

  • Descend into the Hounds’ warehouse to save Jakub
  • Meet with Jakub and Shira at her command room
  • Confront the Altered at the Tower
  • Attend the debrief with Jakub and Shira at her command room
  • Speak with Jakub to leave for the First City


This mission takes place in the First City.

  • Search the First City for Zahedi
  • Rescue Zahedi


This mission takes place around the First City.

  • Reach the other side of the river
  • Speak with Jakub to leave for Eagle Peaks


This mission takes place around Eagle Peaks.

  • Ask the ECA Captain how to reach the Radio Tower
    Investigate the volcano’s peak


This mission takes place around Eagle Peaks.

  • Break through the Insurgents’ stronghold
  • Speak with Jakub to continue to Deadrock Pass


This mission takes place near Deadrock Pass.

  • Explore the area and depart when ready
  • Escort Marshal Bailey and her captive to Trench Town


This mission takes place near Trench Town.

  • Meet Grand Marshal Corrigan
  • Speak with Jakub to leave for the Wreckage Zone


This mission takes place near Trench Town.

  • Push back the Insurgents in No Man’s Land
  • Talk to Jakub to continue to the Quarry


This mission takes place around the Quarry.

  • Cross the swamps
  • Lower the outpost bridge so the convoy can enter the Quarry
  • Collect lithium for the filtration system
  • Travel to the Forest after preparing the trucks in the Quarry


This mission takes place close to the Forest Enclave.

  • Track down the Crysaloid
  • Explore the forest and locate the old Outriders’ truck


This mission takes place close to the Forest Enclave.

  • Pursue Scurlock


This mission takes place in The Stronghold.

  • Rescue Zahedi
  • Fight your way out of the Stronghold
  • Talk to Jakub to continue through the Forest


This mission takes place in and around the Ancient Ruins.

  • Set up a receiver above the canopy to retrace the signal
  • Talk to Jakub to continue through the Forest


This mission takes place at The Gate.

  • Deal with Kang’s pursuing forces
  • Clear a path forward
  • Find a way to pass through the Gate


This mission takes place in the Dunes.

  • Search for shelter from the approaching sandstorm


This mission takes place in the Dunes.

  • Find the source of the distant light


Unsurprisingly, this mission takes place in Utargak.

  • Search the village for your crew
  • Rescue your crew
  • Talk to Channa to continue through the Desert


This mission takes place in the Desolate Fort.

  • Find shelter for your crew
  • Reach the Fort
  • Talk to Channa to continue through the Desert


This mission takes place in the Canyon of the Grand Obelisk.

  • Venture into the canyon and investigate the area
  • Search for clues about what happened to the dead humans
  • Talk to Channa to continue through the Desert


This mission takes place in Pax City.

  • Investigate area
  • Uncover the history of Monroy and his people
  • Enter and investigate Monroy’s Palace


This mission takes place in The Caravel.

  • Reach the Caravel
  • Defeat Yagak

This vendor in Outriders begins one of the earliest side quests

Outriders side quest locations

There are a total of 25 side quests in Outriders. Each one is spread across multiple locations, so we’re going to split it into two area groups. We’ll be revealing which area you should load to find the side quest, and we are also going to reveal exactly where you need to go to find every side quest start point.

Outriders side quests

Side quest Area Location
A Bad Day Rift Town Interact with the steel door between the merchants in Rift Town
Payback Rift Town Head to the hill immediately east of the Crossroads travel point to find a woman slumped on a wall
Terra Infirma Rift Town After completing the Reunion mission, talk to Shira by entering the door to her war room
Endless Dark First City Talk to the crafting vendor at the camp
No Place Like Home First City Talk to Alfred McKellen standing in front of your camp
Divine Intervention Eagle Peaks Talk to Jocelyn Dunham at camp
The Scientific Method Eagle Peaks Talk to Dr. Zahedi, who is sitting on a box at the start of the area
A Free Market Deadrock Pass Talk to Alastair Cullen in a building near the camp
Nature’s Call Deadrock Pass Interact with the computer terminal at the camp. Unlock fast travel point ‘Forestry Track’ before accepting the quest to prevent a major bug
A Heart of Gold Trench Town Talk to the old man on the path to the Corrigan. He’s to the right of the bar
Life’s Treasure Trench Town Talk to Atta Goldstein who is up the stairs near your camp
Return Fire Trench Town Talk to Uijo inside the bar
The Outrider’s Legacy Trench Town Look at the hanged body next to the travel point later in the story
Dying Wish Quarry Talk to the wounded man near the Riverbed travel point
Predator to Prey Forest Enclave Talk to the man in the Enclave Outskirts
Rigging the Game Forest Enclave Talk to Mercer Acosta in the Enclave Camp
The Other Ingredient The Stronghold Talk to Juno Pascal at the camp
Old Powers Ancient Ruins Talk to Dr. Zahedi at the camp
Unknown Presence The Gate Outside the camp, talk to a Wanderer that’s under a tall aqueduct
Pour One Out Utargak After going to Utargak, fast travel to Rift Town and interact with a door close to the Rift Town travel point near your stash
Shepherds of Enoch Utargak Interact with the altar at the camp
Big Iron Desolate Fort Talk to the fast travel NPC in your camp
Forgotten Chapel Canyon of the Grand Obelisk Interact with the small pillars scattered throughout the canyon. Follow the steps in our Outriders Forgotten Chapel guide
Turning Point Canyon of the Grand Obelisk Talk to the Wanderer at camp
Sins of Our Fathers Pax City In the Slaughtergrounds travel point, investigate the broken chains

Outriders Historian locations

Early into the game, you’ll meet Madame Beauvoir in Rift City’s market. She wants trinkets from the past to fill her collection. Once you’ve found all nine trinkets in each location below, return to Rift City and hand them over to her to receive a reward.

Here are all of the Historian side quest locations:

  • Everlasting: To the right of the woman near the Payback side quest in Rift City’s crossroads travel point
  • Inspiration: The big gate near the Footbridge travel point
  • Timeless: The glowing wall next to Volcano Peak travel point
  • Vision: Wooden spikes near the Forestry Track travel point
  • Memories: Fallen tree on the left path, close to your camp
  • Survival: Interact with the wall near Dustrift Crevasse travel point
  • Connection: From the Wrecked APC travel point, go to the stairs on the left of the monolith bridge until you reach the bones. Go through the building behind it
  • Change: Close to the Slaughtergrounds travel point
  • Evolution: Interact with the wall next to the Incineration Chambers travel point

Wanted and Hunter locations

Finally, there are a bunch of wanted posters and bone piles that hunters have scattered around every location in Outriders.

Here is every Wanted and Hunter location:

Wanted / Hunter side quest Area Location
The Perforator Rift Town After interacting with the Wanted quest giver, return to Rift Town and go to Defensive Perimeter. There’s a poster on a wall
Hannibal First City Poster next to Bridge travel point
Hailstorm Eagle Peaks Poster next to Bunker Cable Car Station travel point
Coldclaw Eagle Peaks Bone pile next to Antenna Cable Car Station travel point
Brickhead Deadrock Pass Poster next to Mountain Tunnel travel point
Oreyard Queen Wreckage Zone Bone pile next to Crevice travel point
Bloody Baron Wreckage Zone Poster next to Factory Entrance travel point
Scalp King Quarry Poster next to Riverbed travel point
Bigjaw Quarry Bone pile next to Outpost Gate travel point
The Hornet Forest Enclave Poster up the path from Crystal Camp travel point
Splittooth Forest Enclave Bone pile next to Collapsed Arch Pass travel point
Moldfang The Stronghold Bone pile next to Whitewater Reservoir travel point that’s through the cave opposite Juno Pascal at camp
Maneater The Stronghold Poster next to the gate at Makeshift Crane travel point
Headsmasher Ancient Ruins Poster next to Distorted Sculpture travel point
Spinewretch Ancient Ruins Bone pile next to Distorted Sculpture travel point
Wendigo The Gate Bone pile at the edge of camp
Blitzkrieg The Gate Poster up the stairs close to the camp
Hauras Dunes From the camp, head on towards the Crimsonleaf Oasis area. Bones are at the bottom of the dunes
Sandshifter Desolate Fort Advance forward from the camp until the end of The Buried Road. Bones should appear at the end of the desert
Typhon Canyon of the Grand Obelisk From the Wrecked APC travel point, go to the stairs on the left of the monolith bridge until you reach the bones

And that’s everything you need to know about the Outriders story missions and side quests. While you’re here, you may be wondering just what the best builds are for each of the four Outriders classes: Technomancer, Pyromancer, Trickster, and Devastator. We also have a guide on how Outriders mods work.