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Best Pals for Cooling in Palworld

The best Cooling Pals in Palworld keep your food in freshly cooked condition, ensuring that your Cooling Box never reaches room temperature.

Sweepa, one of the best Palworld Cooling Pals, huddles for warmth with two Swee on either side of it in the Land of Absolute Zero.

What are the best Cooling Pals in Palworld? Whipping up the finest grub on Palpagos Island takes some effort. Sourcing the raw ingredients and combining them can be a drawn-out process, even if you prefer to let your Pals do all the work. While your Pals will happily gobble down your culinary feast, any leftovers are still susceptible to the slow march of time, and that’s where Cooling Pals can lend a helping hand.

Once you’ve used your best Palworld Watering Pals to grow and harvest your crops in your Palworld base, you’ve likely spotted that they come with a timer. You can extend the survival game’s food spoilage rate with Palworld cooking, but that’s only delaying the inevitable. Thankfully, the best Palworld Cooling Pals are here to maintain your Cooling Box and ensure that your perishables never, well, perish. Here are the best Cooling Pals to assign to your base.

Frostallion, one of the best Palworld Cooling Pals, stretches its wings against a backdrop of the Crystal Ice Cave.

Best Cooling Pals in Palworld

The best Cooling Pal in Palworld is Frostallion with level four Cooling work suitability. It can be found on the frozen lake located west of the Land of Absolute Zero fast travel point.

Frostallion is one of the strongest Alpha Palworld bosses that you can encounter on the Palworld map, and as such we only recommend taking it on once you’ve reached the Palworld max level and have acquired the best Palworld weapons to successfully weaken and catch it. If you’re not quite there yet, we recommend pairing a Reptyro and Foxcicle in your Palworld Breeding Farm for a chance to get Ice Reptyro.

Here are the best Cooling Pals in Palworld:

Tier Pals
S Frostallion
A Cryolinx, Ice Kingpaca, Ice Reptyro
B Foxcicle, Mammorest Cryst, Penking, Reindrix, Sibelyx, Sweepa, Vanwyrm Cryst, Wumpo
C Chillet, Hangyu Cryst, Jolthog Cryst, Mau Cryst, Pengullet, Swee

Best focused Cooling Pal

The best focused Cooling Pal is Frostallion. Not only does it boast the highest Cooling level in the crafting game, but it doesn’t have any other work suitability to distract it from the task at hand.

Penking, one of the best Palworld Cooling Pals, poses with its flippers on its hips against a backdrop of the Crystal Ice Cave.

Best multi-discipline Cooling Pal

The best multi-discipline Cooling Pal is Penking. While several Cooling Pals have one additional work suitability at higher tiers, Penking outclasses them all with Handiwork, Transporting, Watering, and Mining alongside Cooling. It’s worth bearing in mind that these all sit at level two, so Penking will complete its Palworld jobs a bit slower than Pals at higher work suitability levels, but its sheer versatility means you’ll never find it standing idle.

Pengullet, one of the best Palworld Cooling Pals, stretches out its flippers against a backdrop of the Crystal Ice Cave.

Best early game Cooling Pal

The best Cooling Pal in the early game is undoubtedly Pengullet thanks to its proximity to the Palworld starter area. Like our best multi-discipline Pal, Pengullet has a wide range of work suitability that will serve you well until you unlock the Cooling Box. That said, the Cooling Box itself sits on Tier 13 of the Palworld technology tree, so we recommend checking our tier list for more effective Palworld Cooling Pals you may have caught in the meantime.

Now that your Palworld base has a functioning freezer, be sure to assign the best Palworld Kindling Pals to keep your Cooking Pot bubbling around the clock. Food might not be the most glamorous Palworld resource but it will keep you alive in the open-world game – as will the best Palworld Medicine Pals. Once your base is all set, check out PCGamesN’s Palworld review for our verdict on developer Pocketpair’s approach to base automation.