Tower of Fantasy Cobalt-B: stats, weapon abilities, and advancements

The Tower of Fantasy Cobalt-B simulacrum arrives armed with her custom built Flaming Revolver, sporting enough firepower to set the Vera 2.0 update ablaze

Tower of Fantasy Cobalt-B: Cobalt-B wielding her custom built Flaming Revolver as she approaches enemies.

The Tower of Fantasy Cobalt-B SSR simulacrum features in the third limited banner to debut in the Tower of Fantasy 1.5 Artificial Island update. This shrewd gunsmith is notable for building her own Tower of Fantasy weapon, the Flaming Revolver, which can tear through shields at the same pace as King, the long-standing top shieldbreaker in Hotta Studio’s RPG game.

You’ll likely recall encountering Cobalt-B a number of times on your journey across Aida – not only does she provide you with your very first Tower of Fantasy vehicle, she also features in the Aida Cafe event. Now she’s finally available to play, here’s everything you need to know about the so-called mad scientist and her Flaming Revolver.

Tower of Fantasy Cobalt-B simulacrum

Cobalt-B is set to join the Tower of Fantasy simulacra roster from October 6, 2022. Unsurprisingly, the impressive damage output of her Flaming Revolver places her firmly in the ranged DPS role. Despite its name, the Flaming Revolver performs like a rapid-fire shotgun, casting a wide six-shot spread directly ahead of Cobalt-B. Its high crit rate inflicts a devastating burst of damage in a single shot, setting her apart from dual-wielding gun users like Nemesis and Samir.

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Cobalt-B also has her very own story mission, which you can access by clicking on the Story tab from the Simulacra menu. The Intelligence story mission can be completed at any time, with any Tower of Fantasy character, and offers some insight into Cobalt-B’s backstory. What’s more, upon completion you will receive 100 Dark Crystals and a coveted Red Nucleus, which can be spent on limited Tower of Fantasy banners to acquire rare characters such as the Claudia simulacrum and, of course, Cobalt-B.

Cobalt-B Flaming Revolver stats

Combat Strength: 272
Shatter: 12.5
Charge: 10
Attack: 19
Critical: 13
HP: 1165

Weapon type: Flame
When the weapon is fully charged, the next attack will set the target on fire for eight seconds, causing damage equal to 58.00% of attack every second. Ignited targets have 50% reduced healing efficacy.

Elemental resonance: Flame
Increase flame attack by 15% and flame resistance by 25%. Activate by equipping two or more flame weapons. This set effect also works with weapons in the off-hand slot. This effect does not stack repeatedly.

Flaming Revolver weapon abilitieS

Here is the full list of weapon abilities for Cobalt-B’s Flaming Revolver:

Normal Attack

On the ground, tap normal attack button to launch 5 attacks in a row.

First attack: Deal 52.3% of attack + 3 damage.
Second attack: Deal 75.6% of attack + 4 damage.
Third attack: Deal 94.5% x attack + 5 damage.
Fourth attack: Deal 142.8% of attack + 8 damage.
Fifth attack: Deal 137.8% of attack + 7 damage.

Charged Shot

Tap and hold normal attack to charge a shot and release to fire rounds, dealing 95.4% of attack +5 damage, plus an explosion three seconds later (or if the target dies), dealing 23.9% of attack as damage to nearby enemies. Each time the target is dealt damage before the explosion (up to 4 times), AoE is doubled and damage is increased.

Jumping Blast

While airborne or after jumping once, use an aerial attack. Toss a bomb that deals damage equal to 90.8% of attack + 5 to enemies in a circle ahead, knocking them back a certain distance. Consumes 250 endurance.

Aerial Discharge

After double-jumping, use a jump attack in the air. Fire an Omnium beam downward. The beam then sweeps forward, dealing damage equal to 33.8% of attack +2.
Heavy Bombardment
Hold attack button during a normal attack to unleash Suppressing Fire in front, and deal enemies 102% of attack + 5 AoE damage.

Dodge: Close Quarters

Use normal attack right after dodging to trigger Close Quarters. Deal damage equal to 156.1% of attack + 8 to targets in a frontal cone area.

Skill: Barrage

Constant fire in a forward cone area to deal 666% of attack + 35 damage. Cooldown: 60 seconds.

Tower of Fantasy Cobalt-B: Cobalt-B using her Flaming Revolver's discharge skill on a mechanical enemy, demonstrating its shieldbreaking power.

Discharge: Explosive Rain

When weapon charge is full or Phantasia is triggered, switching to this weapon from another weapon removes all debuffs from the wielder, and unleashes three grenades forward, dealing 570% of attack + 30 AoE damage and causing launch.

Cobalt-B weapon advancements

Tower of Fantasy weapon advancements serve as consolation prizes for pulling duplicate simulacra from banners. Instead of going entirely to waste, they can be traded in to unlock significant buffs to the relevant weapon. Here are all Cobalt-B weapon advancements:

  • 1 star: Each round of attacks deals additional damage equal to 2% of the target’s current HP (cannot exceed 180% of ATK).
  • 2 stars: Increase the current weapon’s base attack growth by 16%.
  • 3 stars: Heavy Bombardment branch skill and Close Quarters dodge attack inflict Ion Scorch on targets that are already burned, dealing flame damage equal to 40% of attack every second for ten seconds.
  • 4 stars: Increase the current weapon’s base attack growth by 32%.
  • 5 stars: The damage from Ion Scorch increases to 60% of attack. Successful attacks with any weapon’s dodge skill will refresh the duration of Ion Scorch.
  • 6 stars: Barrage inflicts burn for 15 seconds. Successful attacks with any weapon’s dodge skills reduce the cooldown of Barrage by 4 seconds. This effect has a 1.5 second cooldown.

Tower of Fantasy Cobalt-B: The mad scientist and weapon tinkerer, Cobalt-B, the latest SSR fire-type simulacrum available to pull from limited time banners.

Cobalt-B awakening traits

Awakening traits are tied to the Cobalt-B simulacrum itself, so if you’re tired of using the Wanderer you crafted in the Tower of Fantasy character customisation menu, you can equip Cobalt-B for some additional buffs. However, in order to unlock them by giving Cobalt-B her preferred gifts and accruing a certain number of awakening points. Cobalt-B’s preferred gifts are Metal Items, Saved, and Limited Store Items.

  • Lingering Warmth (1,200 points): After Cobalt-B uses her discharge skill, restores a random amount of weapons charge between 50 to 120 points.
  • Sparks (4,000 points): After Cobalt-B uses her discharge skill, restores a random amount of weapons charge between 90 to 180 points.

That’s everything we’ve got for the Tower of Fantasy Cobalt-B simulacrum and her Flaming Revolver ahead of the Vera 2.0 update. To get a sense of the best weapons in your arsenal that you could pair with Cobalt-B, take a look at our Tower of Fantasy tier list. Alternatively, check out our Tower of Fantasy Claire’s Dream Machine guide, as well as our full list of currently active Tower of Fantasy codes, to easily acquire currency for the anime game’s gacha system