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The week in PC Gaming 12th / 18th November


Welcome to this week’s round-up of PCGamesN’s biggest news and best stories of the last seven days.

Out this week:

Julian had some early impressions of Black Ops 2. It had a rough start.

Rift: Storm Legion came out and the size of the world trebled.

We got Minecraft 1.4.4

The Old Republic has gone free-to-play.

Big reads and hands-on

Paul tells us what to expect from World of Tanks 8.2. Also, why Wargaming made premium shells free. Paul is also ready to tell you how to record and share your WoT games. Also: how you can upgrade your audio.

Everything we know about The Lost Shores even in Guild Wars 2.

We went over the Grand Theft Auto V trailer with a fine-toothed comb.

I visited Paradox in San Francisco last week and very much enjoyed my time with March of the Eagles. Europa Universalis IV is looking good, too.

Nick defended Lion’s Arch in The Lost Shores Guild Wars 2 event and lived to tell the tale. Then he delved into the Fractals of the Mist dungeon.

Paul took a detailed look at Age of Wulin.

Spotlight on Greenlight

eSports and MOBAs

Josh Augustine reviewed League of Legends’ new champion: Zed. They also teased new champion, Nami.

StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm has a release date!

We had some big news this week: MLG, DreamHack, and ESL have formed a partnership to help govern eSports.

This weekend has seen Blizzard’s first World Championship for StarCraft 2. They had a rough start.

Not be left out, Valve released their Dota 2 documentary.

And more…

THQ defaulted on a $50 million credit facility with Wells Fargo.

DirectX 11.1 is WIndows 8 exclusive.

“Still Alive” was originally an in-game musical number for Portal?

Minecraft sales crest 8 million.

Doom 3 (regular, not BFG Edition) came back to Steam.

More details on Guild Wars 2’s The Lost Shores event.

The Planetside 2 patch looks substantial.

Chris Roberts explains Star Citizen’s “pervasive universe”.

Gabe Newell explained why Steam’s terms of service forbid class-action lawsuits.

He also shared his views on Greenlight.

Notch has posted a code. What could it mean?!

The Traffic 360 add-on to Flight Simulator X adds tons of air traffic.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion got a big 1.1 patch.

The Hoopz Barkley SaGa continues.

This is quite the game music bundle.

Never forget this is the year of the Great TF2 Earbud Swindle.

Blizzard don’t think much of the authenticator lawsuit.

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition is going to take some time to get working with Win 8 on tablets.

Assassin’s Creed 3 on PC should be less buggy than what consoles received. Now there’s a boast to make. It should also be prettier.

You can preorder Little Inferno.

Here comes the Zero Dark Thirty DLC for Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

Tom Hardy is signed-on with the Splinter Cell movie.

Faceless, the highest rated game on Greenlight, is on hold due to copyright issues regarding its use of Slender Man.

Dragon Age 3’s art director likes Frostbite.

Despite Activision’s denials, it really does sound like Modern Warfare 4 is afoot.

We got your Skyrim: Dragonborn screenshots right here.

Sonic All Star Racing is coming to PC, and it now features TF2 characters!

The Secret World is getting a new issue, this time set in New York.

Take a look at Jagex’s Carnage Racing.

Gabe Newell to be honored by the AIAS.

Minecraft is full of bees.

The plot thickens around Planetside 2’s recoil mechanics.

Check out this cool Minecraft mapping tool.

The LA Game Space sounds fascinating, an attempt to create a kind of gaming research lab.

Star Citizen reached $4 million in funding.

Greece continues to hold Bohemia Interactive developers on espionage charges, and denied their bail request.