The week in PC gaming: 17th/23rd September


Welcome to another edition of the PCGamesN, our weekly roundup of what’s happened this week, what’s happening this weekend and more.

It’s been a busy week for PC Gamers. Torchlight launched, some industry titans have stepped down, and thousands of imaginary FTL crewmembers have perished.

Out this week

Torchlight launched! You should also take a moment to consider several reasons why Torchlight 2 may surpass Diablo 3. Runic talked about their relationships with Blizzard and Steam. It had a fairly smooth launch, but Runicran into some account creation problems due to “unprecedented” demand. Indeed, it debuted as Steam’s second most played game.

This weekend only

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Tripwire Interactive bundle, includes Killing Floor, now with 100% more Steam Workshop.

The week that was

It was a quiet week in gaming, where very little happened and – WHAAAAT? Bioware founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk have left?! One of them quit to spend more time with craft brewing? And they quit right after BioWare announced Dragon Age III: Inquisition? Then Bioware teased more Mass Effect and something else? All while merging Star Wars: The Old Republic servers? This calls for some speculation and reflection about what we want in the new Dragon Age.

Patent troll attacks are on the rise. X-Plane creators Laminar Research weresued by Uniloc for patent infringement, andvowed never to settle. Blizzard are also preparing for their upcoming patent infringement case.

Obsidian’s Project Eternity had quite the week. We can look forward to it’s DRM-free GOG release.

Meanwhile, Bohemia Interactive developers Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar remain in Greek custody for espionage. Bohemia published a statement clarifying that the two men were on holiday and were taking photos in public areas, and hope the entire thing is resolved as a misunderstanding. But one must remember that Greece has every reason to be aggressive about prosecuting espionage: the secrets of the Delian League must be protected, lest the long-haired Medes trouble fair Hellas once more.

Another era ends as Modern Warfare 3’s final DLC gets its release date. Looking forward, Black Ops 2 weapons will retain their level after prestige wipes. Black Ops 2’s stream-of-consciousness trailer campaign continues unabated with Zombie Bus.

We took a trip through Firefall to some of its most picturesque killing grounds.

Big Reads

Phill and Steve flirted with writing FTL fanfiction that is also Friends fanfiction and generally proved themselves the most unfit captains since Captain Queeg launched a strawberry inquisition aboard the USS Caine. You’ll learn a lot about FTL. And, troublingly, a lot about Phill and Steve.

Take a few minutes to read about the making of Wolfenstein 3D and the early days of id Software.

Get to know Kickstarter’s big-spenders.

eSports and MOBAs

mTw clears its Dota 2 roster.

Meet Dota 2’s Meepo and League of Legends’ Kha’Zix.

League of Legends puts players on their honor.

Some leading eSports figures criticize some of the big prize payouts we’re seeing now.

DreamHack Valencia and StarCraft action!

And more…

Blizzard updates its WoW character models.

The sky darkens for Diablo PvP in 2012.

TF2’s Dustbowl, Minecraftified.

Gather ye Tom Clancy Ghost Recon Online Arctic weapons while ye may

Over $50,000 raised for family of slain American diplomat and EVE player Sean Smith.

Another thing PC’s are better at than consoles: MMOs, now with actual reasons from

Surprise! Guild Wars 2 is available on Mac.

And Humble Bundle 6 launched.

Valve hardware could be coming soon.

I wish this were Valve’s new hardware.

ShootMania Storm will be free at launch.

Dishonored dev diary describes through their creative process.

Second Life creator Linden Lab reveals new game: Patterns

Morrwind comes to Skyrim, Voltrons into Skywind

TF2 translated into pirate.

DarthMod creator Darth Vader retires from Total War modding

A trove of Mists of Pandaria goodies awaits the winner of our challenge.

Here’s what’s new in World of Tanks.

Blizzard embrace Newspeak, introduce offline mode to Diablo 3

Have a great weekend!