Genshin Impact Venti and Cyno banners smash day one sales

Genshin Impact's Venti and Cyno banners are off to a successful start, as they've brought in good sales numbers at the beginning of version 3.1

Genshin Impact Venti and Cyno banners smash day one sales: anime boy with white hair and weapon

Genshin Impact’s current Venti and Cyno banners generated great sales numbers on the very first day that they went live in the RPG. The banners have been as successful as the community expected them to be. Venti has always been a popular character, and Cyno is a brand-new addition with a cool-looking moveset. To top it off, Candace – the new four-star character on both banners – has been praised for her design ever since her official reveal.

The banners’ revenue information comes from GenshinLab, a website that uses data from the Chinese App Store. This means that it all comes from iOS data in a specific region, but the chart is insightful nonetheless because of the size of that section of the fanbase. The day one revenue chart for Cyno and Venti shows that they rank in the top five when listing the sales numbers for all past banners.

These Genshin Impact 3.1 banners managed to produce about USD $4,235,995 in a single day. For reference, Venti‘s solo rerun holds the top spot with about USD $5,239,515. Cyno and Venti place fifth in the top five, coming behind Ayato and Venti, Yelan and Xiao, and Kazuha and Klee. So, basically, it looks like the community really loves Venti.

Revenue numbers for Cyno and Venti’s 3.1 banners will probably continue to climb as new players realize that Venti is one of the best Anemo options to slot into nearly any team comp. And long-time players will likely want to give Cyno a try, given the fact that he’s a solid Electro DPS who works well with the new Dendro element.

Those who would rather save their Primogems can check out our coverage of what’s to come in Genshin Impact version 3.2, as Nahida and Layla may be joined by Yoimiya, Childe, and Yae Miko on the upcoming Genshin Impact character banners.