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Genshin Impact leaks suggest Baizhu & Alhaitham won’t be coming soon

This recent Genshin Impact leak may disappoint more than a few RPG fans, as it suggests that both Baizhu and Alhaitham's banners aren't coming any time soon

Genshin Impact leak: A silver-haired man looks over the ocean as a ship sails in the background

A recent Genshin Impact leak brings some bad news for players who are looking forward to adding Baizhu or Alhaitham to their party in the RPG game. It seems as though version 3.6 is the earliest update that these upcoming character banners could appear, if they even show up then at all. Each Genshin Impact update lasts for about five to six weeks, barring any delays, and we’re currently about halfway through version 3.0. The wait for these two characters may be a long one that stretches well into 2023.

The leak comes from a SaveYourPrimos tweet, and they stress that 3.6 is the earliest possibility for either appearance. The remark is in response to their previous one, in which they revealed the release schedule for Kusanali, Scaramouche, and Dehya.

SaveYourPrimos also clarifies that Baizhu is still going to be a playable five-star character, which is nice to know since he was introduced way back in Liyue as the first NPC with a Dendro Vision. Now that Dendro users like Tighnari and Collei have been added to the game, it feels only right that Baizhu makes a return.


Baizhu is the owner of Bubu Pharmacy in Liyue and is known by many as a medicinal expert. Several residents of Liyue have voice lines that highlight his healing expertise, including Hu Tao, Shenhe, Xinyan, and Keqing. So, it’s likely that he’ll assume the role of a Dendro healer since no other character fills that position at the moment. Alhaitham’s function in a team is less clear, even though he’s currently playing a part in Sumeru’s Archon Quest storyline.

Thankfully, those who are stuck waiting on Baizhu and Alhaitham will have their hands full with other new characters like Cyno, Nilou, and Candace in Genshin Impact version 3.1, on top of upcoming reruns that are rumoured to include Venti and the Raiden Shogun once again.