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Minecraft puzzle maps

That stuff you read about how we only ever use 10% of our brain power is total guff, but if you want to exercise your brain a little more than you usually would in a session of Minecraft, a mind-shattering puzzle map is what you require. Ranging from Crystal Maze-like difficulty to PhD-style conundrums, you’ll find some of PC gaming’s best puzzles in Minecraft. These maps are the smartest we’ve found. 

30 Ways to Die

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Death. It’s an essential part of life, but it’s also the only means of progression in this morbid puzzle map. Players will be kitted out with specific tools for each level and will have to figure out how to use them in order to kill themselves. Charming.

the Code 

best minecraft maps the code

An exceptionally clever and intelligently-designed brain bender, the Code contains a corridor of fiendish puzzles to crack. Solving them provides you with a code which, when written down on a piece of paper and thrown down a hopper, opens up the next door. The puzzles are all exceptionally varied, ranging from mathematical conundrums to tests of speed and strength. Thankfully, there’s an in-game hint system for those brain-melting moments. 


best minecraft maps portalcraft

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, and if there’s any puzzle game out there that deserves a little flattery, it’s Portal. Portalcraft recreates Aperture Science with exceptional accuracy, replicating not only the look, feel, and mechanics of the Portal games, but also some of its puzzles too. There are a few Minecraft-isms that ground it in the blocky world (lifts and doors aren’t slickly automated), but the fact that portals work and momentum still matters is a truly impressive feat. 

The Puzzle Cube 

The Puzzle Cube is an exceptionally well-designed map that has its own great gimmick: you can walk on the sides of the cube. Starting on the exterior of the cube, you need to solve puzzles on all sides in order to progress to your goal of the centre chamber. Walking to the edge of the cube doesn’t cause you to fall off; instead, the gravity will flip and you’ll continue walking down the next side. Thankfully, such wizardry is just the icing on Puzzle Cube’s cake, with the conundrums themselves escalating in difficulty at a perfect rate. The map is playable in multiplayer, and that’s certainly the way we’d recommend you play it. 

Beyond Perception

Minecraft maps Beyond perception

Looking for a niche in the Minecraft puzzle map arena is tough, but this map’s creators have found a simple mechanic upon which to build their brain teaser. The concept is simple: by turning your shading on or off, you can make certain objects appear and disappear, leading to a brilliant puzzle map where you don’t know what’s really there and what isn’t.

Enigma Island

Best minecraft maps Enigma Island

Minecraft is full of innovators, and the creator of Enigma Island is certainly one of them. Enigma Island features its own hints system that gives you a number of clues for any puzzles you’re particularly stuck on in exchange for diamonds – you’ll have to use your resources carefully to make it through this incredibly challenging map. Explore the island, get your brain into gear, and discover the many secrets hidden away from plain sight.

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flapharder Avatar
3 Years ago

This is literally the BEST map me and my friends have ever played in minecraft...finally a map that is not at all confusing, offers alternatives to people who find parkour difficult, and is interesting and challenging and keeps you going all the way to the end. We will play this one again. Well done, and please make more like this!

Rich Kid Asshole Avatar
2 Years ago

how did you get a server

getrdonish Avatar
2 Years ago

here's a minecraft factions server with a custom created map, it's pretty cool:

minecraft games Avatar
1 Year ago

Great! Thanks for sharing the information. That is very helpful for increasing my knowledge in this field.

Jak Draconeel Avatar
1 Year ago

Those Pixelmon photos aren't even to that pixelmon map>.>, Ik this because im friends with the creator (JonD) that made the map in those photos.