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Your PC gaming weekend: win a Star Wars Nvidia GPU, grab a deal from Black Friday, play Destiny 2’s Iron Banner, and more!

PC gaming weekend 24/11

Hello, fellow PC devotees! Let us distract you from that tempting Steam sale and graphics card offer for just a few minutes (we won’t be long, promise!) We just thought that you may want to have a little think about all the things you could do this weekend. PC gaming things, of course. 

Feed on our never-ending supply of PC games news.

We’re here with a selection of activities that will help make this weekend the greatest ever. Yes, even better than that time when you survived a nuclear blast by hiding in a refrigerator, before going on to prevent the Soviet special forces from using an alien skull to unlock the power of psychic warfare…

Win a Nvidia Star Wars Titan Xp graphics card – we’ve got one limited edition GPU to give away
Not all of us have £1,149 to drop on a graphics card. That is sometimes a painful truth, but especially so when Nvidia have launched a gorgeous Star Wars-themed collector’s edition of the Titan Xp. We can help though: enter our competition and you could soon be powering your PC with a piece of the Death Star. (UK entries only, sorry!)

Score an amazing Black Friday PC deal
This weekend is dominated by the cataclysmic sale event that is Black Friday. Do not descend into the abyss, though: we have got a variety of guides to help steer you in the direction of the best deals. Whether it is a new SSD you are looking for, a shiny gaming laptop, a more powerful graphics card, or just a new game to play, we have got you covered.

Find out what the new Rainbow Six Siege operators can do
Next week sees Operation White Noise go live for Rainbow Six Siege pass holders, adding three new operators and a great new map to the game. We have been hands on with all of it, and have a few thoughts on how the new guns and gadgets will shape the game’s future.

Discover how the makers of World of Tanks spruced up Total War: Arena
Total War and World of Tanks do not sound like they belong together, but Arena is proving otherwise. Wargaming are teaching Creative Assembly a few things about making a compelling service game, and it seems to be paying off.

Downgrade to an i5 and get better performance than an i7
An Intel i5 processor that performs better than an i7? Lies, surely? Not so, dear reader, for we have the proof right here. We did a bit of poking around with an ‘un-overclockable’ i5 6500 and cranked it up to 4.3GHz. Who needs a pricey CPU?

Celebrate Wolfenstein II’s thoughtful story
Games set in World War II often forget the most important element of all: the victims of the Nazi regime. Not Wolfenstein II, though. It may be brutally violent, with blood spurting like ketchup geysers from the severed necks of cartoon racists, but it makes sure not to forget those who were most affected by their politics.

Compete in Destiny 2’s Iron Banner event and grab some sweet armour
Destiny 2’s monthly PvP event, Iron Banner, made its PC debut this week, and continues over the weekend. Play some games, collect some Iron Banner tokens, and hand them in to Lord Saladin to claim those special engrams. You could be decked out in swish samurai-themed armour by the end of Sunday. And if you need a hand, these are the best Destiny 2 PvP weapons to use.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner gear

Learn about the 37 year-old who is a Hearthstone celebrity
When we think of streamers, our minds instantly conjure images of young men and women, perhaps dressed in purple hoodies. Brian Kibler is an exception to that rule; at 37 years old he is one of the oldest Hearthstone streamers on the internet. But does that make a difference? We chat to him about the future of both streaming and Blizzard’s card game.

Remember Call of Duty’s innovations
The FPS genre has been dominated over the past decade by Call of Duty, and we often think of it as stale and uninventive. But the series brought us many innovations in its WW2 days, from multiple protagonists to survival horror. We take a look at the series’ best ideas.

Prepare for PUBG’s new map
We have spent many months battling on the same island, so PUBG players are no doubt eager for new ground to explore. Get up to date with all the info on the upcoming Valle Coronado desert map in our comprehensive guide.

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