Warzone 2 AQ soldier kills explained

AQ soldier kills are necessary if you’re capturing Strongholds and Black Sites, and you can expect to encounter these AI-controlled enemies all across the map

Call of Duty Warzone 2 AQ soldier kills: A player advancing upon a capture point, weapon drawn, ready to take on any AQ soldiers in the battle royale game.

If you’re wondering what the new Warzone 2 AQ soldier kills tab refers to, we’ve got all the answers. You may be familiar with AQ soldiers – members of the Al Qatala terrorist organisation – in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign. They appear in Warzone 2 as AI-controlled opponents, and you’re almost guaranteed to encounter them during a match.

AQ soldiers appear in all modes of the free PC game, including Warzone 2 DMZ, and typically wield an LMG and a sniper rifle. Individually, they don’t present much of a threat, though you can run the risk of being overcome if they advance in large numbers. Some of them may also be heavily armoured, so be sure to coordinate with allies via Warzone 2 proximity chat if required.

AQ soldiers and kill count

Crucially, AQ soldiers serve as the first line of defence for Warzone 2 Strongholds and Black Sites, so get used to taking them out if you’re looking to secure a Black Site key and potentially gain access to the best Warzone 2 loadout. You’ll also go up against AQ soldiers in the Warzone 2 Gulag, which can somewhat complicate your showdown with the Jailer.

Warzone 2 AQ soldier kills apply to your stats in the FPS game, though they’re kept separate from your K/D count under the aptly named ‘AQ Soldier Kills’ tab. While it might be satisfying to take them out, try not to get too caught up in AQ soldier kills. Outside of Strongholds and Black Sites, they pretty much endlessly respawn, and clearing out an area on the Warzone 2 map only causes more AQ soldiers to drop in via helicopter.

The degree of trouble you’ll have going up against AQ soldiers is minimised when you’ve got the best Warzone 2 guns in your arsenal. You can also expect them to defend the Chemist if you plan to acquire the M13B, one of the best assault rifles in the multiplayer game. Once you’ve kitted yourself out, take a look at the available Warzone 2 contracts and what you can expect to receive after completing them.