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How to get Palworld Diamond

A single Palworld Diamond can take any Pal Tamer from rags to riches, though this ultra-rare material is gathered from an unlikely source.

How do you get Diamond in Palworld? Palpagos Island is flush with ore and minerals, though you might be wondering if you can get your hands on a shinier material. Well, not so fast – before you grab that pickaxe and venture into a mineshaft, you might be surprised to learn that the rarest gemstone in Palworld comes from a different place entirely. Thankfully, we can tell you exactly where to get it.

While there are plenty of Palworld resources that are required to build and maintain your Palworld base, you might just want an influx of cold hard cash to spend at the Palworld Marketeer for the rarer Palworld Pals still eluding you. That’s where Palworld Diamond comes in. This precious gemstone is a cut above Ruby and Sapphire, and its high value translates into the currency that fuels the Palworld economy. Here’s where to find it.

The Pal Tamer approaches a Wandering Merchant within a shack in the Small Settlement on Palpagos Island with the intention of selling Palworld Diamond.

How to get Diamond in Palworld

Palworld Diamond drops from Frostallion and Jetragon. Frostallion can be found on the ice lake located in the northeast corner of the map, just east of the Land of Absolute Zero fast travel point. Jetragon is in the northwest corner of the map, to the north of the Beach of Everlasting Summer fast travel point.

These Palworld boss Pals are some of the toughest wild encounters on Palpagos Island, and you can also expect to receive an additional Palworld Technology point when you defeat them for the first time. Along with Palworld Diamond, they also drop Palworld Ancient Civilization Parts and other materials.

Once acquired, Palworld Diamond can be sold to Wandering Merchants throughout the Palworld map in exchange for Palworld gold coins, which you can then immediately exchange for Palworld Wheat Seeds and other consumables that can help you survive on Palpagos Island.

Now that your inventory is overflowing with gemstones and gold, why not share some of that wealth with a friend in Palworld multiplayer? We’ve also got dedicated guides for some of the rarer items on Palpagos Island, including Palworld sulfur and Palworld High Quality Pal Oil, both of which are required to maintain the best Palworld weapons. Alternatively, take a break from the open-world game with our Palworld early access review, which details our own experience with Pocketpair’s viral sensation.