The best horror games on PC


Ready to be scared witless? Turn off the lights, turn up your headset, and enjoy the best horror games on PC.


Blair Witch sends you to the famed forest from the movie of the same name to search for a missing boy. You are, of course, not alone and many, many things will go bump in the night.

Fortunately, your fluffy pal, Bullet, is by your side at all times, and you can break up moments of unease by calling him over and petting him.


Metro Exodus is a story-focused family drama as much as it is a Wolfenstein-esque, heavy metal-scored FPS.

Thanks to the game’s day/night mechanic, you can choose whether you want Artyom’s adventure to be a guns-blazing assault or a much spookier, stealthy affair shrouded in darkness.


The Evil Within 2 is packed with skin-crawling set-pieces that will keep you up at night, each one as inventive as the last.

Slaying bosses and exploring spooky mansions are separated by open-world sections where you never know what’s waiting for you.


Alien: Isolation is a horror game about being stuck on a space station with a (spoiler alert) big scary alien, which, thanks to some devious AI and level design, is more terrifying than it has any right to be.

The best horror games make you feel utterly powerless, and in Alien: Isolation it’s your wits, your hiding skills, and a variety of distractions that will save you from the hulking, Gigerian horror.


Darkwood is a top-down horror game about a mysterious man cooking mushrooms in a house right in the middle of a plague-infested forest.

By day you roam the woods, but by night you must take shelter and bolster your defenses as unknown horrors scratch and rustle at your door.


Employing the ‘found footage’ style of contemporary horror cinema, Outlast is a first-person exploration game set inside an abandoned psychiatric hospital - populated by a cast of deranged patients and cruel staff.

To navigate Outlast’s dark corridors, you must peer through your camcorder’s green-tinged infrared mode. This gives Outlast an eerie visual identity, while leaving you vulnerable to baddies creeping up behind you.


Leon Kennedy is having a difficult first day of work as a police officer. Fresh to the beat of Racoon City, the rookie meets a horde of civilians that have been turned into zombies by way of an endemic disease.

Capcom’s adaptation of its beloved classic keeps the original’s survival-focused gameplay intact. To make it out of Racoon City’s Police Station alive, you’ll need to count bullets and pick your fights wisely.


This is a horror game in which monsters can get you no matter what, in which sneaking and hiding is your only means of self defence, and in which simply looking at the monsters can drive you insane.

Few horror games are as unnerving as Amnesia: The Dark Descent, which sticks by the golden rule of horror: fear of the unknown is the most powerful fear of all.