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Best Hogwarts Legacy tips and tricks for beginners

Our Hogwarts Legacy tips and tricks guide features handy advice you need to know when you’re first starting your adventure as a fifth-year Hogwarts student.

Hogwarts Legacy tips: A Slytherin student casting the Crucio curse

You’re going to need our Hogwarts Legacy tips as a brand-new fifth-year student to get ahead of your class. From advice on how to gather every collectible, to combat tips and tricks to ensure you win every fight, our guide can turn you into one of Hogwarts’ best students.

As you start to make some progress in the RPG game, it’s important to note you don’t have access to a Hogwarts Legacy respec mechanic so you need to spend your talent points carefully. There’s a Hogwarts Legacy max level to keep in mind, forcing you to consider how you construct your build – read our talents guide to find out what skills are worth investing in. With that information out of the way, here’s our Hogwarts Legacy tips guide to get you going.

Find every Floo Flame location as early as possible

When you finally get a chance to explore Hogwarts Castle, one of the first things you should do is find all of the Hogwarts Legacy Floo Flame locations on the map. These icons represented by green flames are fast travel points, allowing you to instantly transport to every key destination in the castle. No matter how well you’ve memorised the castle, it’s always faster to travel via Floo Flame. Having access to fast travel makes it easier to go back to those Hogwarts Legacy door puzzles that you might’ve avoided early on.

You can also find Floo Flames in Hogsmeade and The Highlands, though you’ll want to wait until you’ve acquired your Hogwarts Legacy broom before you explore the Highlands. Chances are you won’t need to use these fast travel points until you reach the midpoint in the game, but once you have them, you’ll be glad you got them out of the way. Unlocking these locations right away can save you lots of time – considering how long Hogwarts Legacy is, this is essential if you want to finish the game quickly.

Come to every fight equipped with multiple spells

Spell Knowledge and its upgrades are arguably the most important talents in the game as they allow you to assign a new spell set, up to a grand total of four. While in combat, every spell you have has its own cooldown, but this only applies to the spell you used, not the type of spell you used. By utilising multiple spell sets, you can ensure you always have several spells ready to be cast at any given time.

By the time you’ve managed to unlock a large portion of the Hogwarts Legacy spells, there’s no reason to rely on your normal magic attack as your damage spells are capable of taking out enemies in a matter of seconds. If you’ve assigned enough spell sets designed for combat, it’s almost impossible to find yourself in a situation where every spell you’ve cast is on a cooldown.

Utilise the best form of defence during combat by dodging

It may feel good to block and deflect attacks using Protego, especially with the Stupefy finisher, but this simply isn’t as effective as the humble dodge roll. While Protego may be fun to cast, it can’t save you against red attacks which can only be avoided using the dodge. Yes, the dodge roll has plenty of invincibility frames to stop you from ever taking damage in a dangerous situation. You can upgrade the dodge mechanic by purchasing the Swift talent – this talent makes you temporarily vanish from the battlefield, giving you more time to avoid taking damage.

Take on combat challenges as early as possible while enemies are a low level

It takes a few hours for the open-world to open up in Hogwarts Legacy, but once it’s open you’re free to explore the entire Hogwarts Legacy map on your broom. As soon as you feel comfortable in combat, we highly recommend searching the map for the enemies featured in the Hogwarts Legacy challenges. Enemies scale to your level, so it’s easier to win fights early on against the spiders, goblins, and every other type of minion featured in the challenges.

Hogwarts Legacy field guide pages - the field guide that Professor Weasley hands over to the witch or wizard. It has the Hogwarts emblem on the front and a metal latch.

If in doubt, cast Revelio to find collectables and secrets

If you’re an avid collector, chances are you’ll appreciate having Revelio at your disposal. This spell doesn’t reveal any Hogwarts Legacy secrets, but it can reveal hidden pages in your vicinity, and you can increase its range by unlocking the Revelio Mastery talent. This is an essential talent if you’re planning on completing every challenge in the open-world game as it saves you from having to cast the spell every few steps.

Revelio displays any hidden Hogwarts Legacy field guide pages and Revelio pages, but did you know it can also show off any quest items you might be after? When you find yourself stuck in a quest trying to find a specific item, be sure to cast Revelio and be on the lookout for any glowing items. Keep in mind that some of the locations of collectibles overlap, so make sure you comb the area before moving on if there could be something around.

Unlock the Room of Requirement before hunting for collectables

We know how tempting it is to find every hidden treasure and unlock every secret right away, but the game stops you from unlocking too much too soon. Instead, you may want to hold off until you’ve unlocked the Hogwarts Legacy Room of Requirement.

By this point in the game, you should be able to capture a variety of beasts, grow your own plants, and create your own little place to get away from the stresses of life. More importantly, you should have access to most of the spells you need to solve every Merlin Trial, find all the Daedalian keys, and obtain all of the Demiguise Statues.

Merlin Trials require different spells so if you can’t solve one, come back later

While the solution to most Merlin Trials may seem straightforward, these challenges can be tricky as they test your spell knowledge. For instance, most trials involving fire spells usually work with Incendio, but you may need to cast Confringo which travels much further. If you haven’t had the chance to unlock a variety of spells, you might want to hold off completing the Merlin Trials until you have a few more options available.

With those Hogwarts Legacy tips and tricks at your disposal, you should reach the top of your class in no time. Check out our how to make money in Hogwarts Legacy if you find yourself strapped for cash, and we also have a guide on opening Hogwarts Legacy eyeball chests if you aren’t sure how to open these pesky boxes. And if you want to play something entirely different, give our best PC games list a read to discover some excellent titles.

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