Upcoming PC games

Upcoming PC games

What are the best upcoming PC games? Hope, anticipation, agony and elation - it’s the endless cycle of emotions we gamers go through during the annual PC release schedule. Year in, year out, games - via Steam and otherwise - are produced in such varying degrees of quality that no announcement is destined for certain success. Masterpieces are released alongside utter disasters, franchises are born while others dwindle and occasionally - so very occasionally - a game actually lives up to our expectations.

Like PC games, eh? At PCGamesN we do too, so come back regular, y'hear?

And there's plenty on the horizon to feel positive about. From franchise heavyweights to inventive indies, the sheer range of exciting titles due for release in the not too distant future is enough to spread a smile across the face of even the most cynical of gamers. Well, almost.

Upcoming PC games Q3 2016


Upcoming PC games Hitman

Io Interactive's efforts to turn the adventures of globetrotting baldie Agent 47 into an episodic series are going better than anyone dared to expect. The developers are midway through building six city sandboxes, each seven times the size of Hitman: Absolution’s largest area. Marrakesh in particular is the densest, most ambitious the assassin sim has ever been.

Hitman Episode 5 release date: Fall, 2016 


Outlast 2

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Jump scares and hiding in lockers is all set to return. Outlast 2’s brief trailer reveals almost nothing about the game’s narrative, but if it’s anywhere near as harrowing as the original then it’s one for horror fans to watch, preferably through the lens of a night vision camera.

Outlast 2 release date: Fall, 2016


Upcoming PC games Q4 2016

Mafia III

Upcoming PC games Mafia III

With its rich late-1960s New Orleans setting and anti-Mafia narrative, Mafia III is clearly trying to set itself apart from the huge heap of open-world games currently available. With the civil rights movement in full swing, Cold War tensions reaching their peak and a city that’s scarcely explored in gaming, we see a lot of potential (and also an unsettling amount of violence) – check out our Mafia III preview for more.

Mafia III release date: October 7, 2016


Civilization VI

Upcoming PC games Civilization VI

Civilization is back and in some ways history is destined to repeat itself: diplomacy will eventually fail, war will break out, and Mahatma Gandhi will reveal a surprising appetite for blood. But management is getting a huge overhaul, with cities becoming sprawling, multi-tile objects to siege over. If there’s one thing us PC gamers can never quite sate, it’s our megalomania.

Civilization VI release date: October 21, 2016


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Upcoming PC games Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

At one time the big sell of a new CoD was super-furry dogs (it was an off-year, to be fair - remember Ghosts?). This year it's space dogfights. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare sees the series give up pretending to be grounded and embrace the ludicrous, with an outer-atmospheric adventure that casts you as a space spec-op wearing mag boots that allow you to lock onto any surface in any orientation. The silliness of it all seems to have upset CoD fans on YouTube, but hey - they've always got the remastered Modern Warfare that comes with the more expensive editions.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare release date: November 4, 2016


Dishonored 2

Upcoming PC games Dishonored 2

Steampunk, stealth and stabbing - what more could you want? Set 15 years after the events of the original, Dishonored 2 will allow players to choose and swap between previous protagonist Corvo and a now-grown-up Emily Kaldwin. Each character boasts their own perspective on events as well as a host of unique powers, adding even more replayability.

Dishonored 2 release date: November 11, 2016


Dead Rising 4

Upcoming PC games Dead Rising 4

The Christmas movie is an annual TV tradition, so it’s nice to be able to book in a Christmas game for the other significant screen in the house. Dead Rising 4 finds Frank West returning to the scene of the series’ original outbreak in Willamette, Colorado during the holiday season. It’s in the hands of Capcom Vancouver, the same Canadian studio thrown the keys to Dead Rising after Keiji Inafune wrote the blueprint for gleeful shopping mall zombie disassembly.

Dead Rising 4 release date: December 6, 2016


Divinity: Original Sin II

Upcoming PC games Divinity Original Sin 2

2014’s Divinity: Original Sin was one of best classic RPGs made in recent years, with plenty of charm, depth and challenge to spare. Larian Studios’ follow up promises the same respect for player choices, new origin stories, a revamped crafting system and addictive competitive party elements. And we can attest to all of this following our Original Sin II hands-on.

Divinity: Original Sin II release date: December, 2016


Atlas Reactor

Upcoming PC games Atlas Reactor

By rendering the decision-making aspect of turn-based gameplay simultaneous for both sides, developer Trion Worlds have made a game that looks like XCOM, but plays like Frozen Synapse. The setup allows for all manner of overcomplicated strategies and attacking ploys. Likewise, the ability to perform a dodge instead of an attack means that any move can be countered - provided the player is able to read their opponent. With a cast of stylish heroes who each bring their own strengths and weaknesses into the fold, Atlas Reactor has a host of options to draw on in any encounter, which leaves plenty of space for mastery.

Atlas Reactor release date: TBC, 2016



Upcoming PC games Dreadnought

A sci-fi frigate combat simulator from Yager, creators of Spec Ops: The Line, Dreadnought might simply be one big excuse to crack jokes about 'yager bombs'. But it'll also teach players to think like admirals instead of pilots, embracing the weight of their ship and working with inertia if they're to lead their team to multiplayer victory.

Dreadnought release date: TBC, 2016


Frozen Synapse 2

Upcoming PC games Frozen Synapse 2

After distilling the merits of their simultaneously turn-based tactical shooter in the purist sports strategy of Frozen Cortex, Mode 7 Games have returned to the Synapse series with a view to expand. They’ll retain the waypoint system that evokes early Rainbow Six, but move the action outside those familiar office complexes in favour of “open world tactics”. However that manifests itself, it’ll be a huge departure from the taut, two-player maps of the original Frozen Synapse.

Frozen Synapse 2 release date: TBC, 2016


Star Citizen

Upcoming PC games Star Citizen

Without a doubt the most wildly ambitious game in a long time, Star Citizen aims to be the ultimate space exploration experience. Taking to the skies in one of numerous ridiculously detailed craft, you will be able to engage in military service, become a reputable trader of goods, live the life of a smuggler, or become a universe-famous race pilot. If it ever gets finished, that is…

Star Citizen release date: TBC, 2016


Torment: Tides of Numenera

Upcoming PC games Torment: Tides of Numenera

Another old-school RPG looking to get you all warm and fuzzy with nostalgia. A spiritual successor to Planescape: Torment, this classic isometric roleplayer will carry on the heavy themes of its inspiration, but transfer the action to the setting of Numenera (an already established pen-and-paper RPG world). Expect a heavily story-led, dialogue-rich campaign exploring the darkest corners of existence and mortality, a solid helping of wit, and tactical combat rife with opportunity.

Torment: Tides of Numenera release date: TBC, 2016


Upcoming PC games Q1 2017

Resident Evil VII

Upcoming PC games Resident Evil 7

Absolutely nobody outside of Capcom expected the familiar Resident Evil / Biohazard logo to pop up at the end of this sequel's E3 reveal. The series that defined third-person shooting until Gears came along has turned its back on that perspective altogether, leaping instead into the eyes of a non-combatant creeping through a derelict plantation mansion in rural America. Obvious P.T. comparisons aside, this is a brave reinvention worth keeping a close (wide, bloodshot) eye on.

Resident Evil 7 release date: January 24, 2017



Upcoming PC games Yooka-Laylee

To hell with ultra realistic settings, brutal melee takedowns and all things trendy in gaming, give us vibrant colours, some endearing animal protagonists, and loads of floaty jumping any day of the week. Yooka-Laylee, a crowdfunded throwback to the 3D platformers of the '90s, is offering up something a little lighter for gamers to sink their teeth into - just as you'd expect given that it's being made by ex-Banjo-Kazooie devs.

Yooka-Laylee release date: Q1, 2017



Upcoming PC games Tacoma

Tacoma is the follow-up to Fullbright’s Gone Home, the small-scale exploratory game about rifling through a family house left suddenly empty. Where there the ex-Irrational indies applied the granular interactions they’d honed on the Bioshock series to more domestic (though just as gripping) fare, here they’re returning to the birthplace of abandoned spaces in videogames: space. Even so, expect again to be telling yourself a story by turning objects over in your hands, and coming to love characters you’ll never meet.

Tacoma release date: Spring, 2017


Dawn of War III

Upcoming PC games Dawn of War III

For seven years the forge worlds lay silent - or so we thought. Turns out Relic have fired them up again for Dawn of War III, producing huge numbers of units to match the original game’s bigger battles, as well as ginormous walkers designed to swallow a sizeable portion of your screen. Expect Eldar, Orks and Space Marines to converge on the mysterious world of Acheron, where they’ve found - what else? - a terrible weapon.

Dawn of War III release date: TBC, 2017


Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Upcoming PC games Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Ever wondered what Skyrim without magic and cat people would look like? Wonder no more, because Warhorse Studios are in the process of making a medieval RPG set in 1403. The game promises to have historically accurate armour, weapons and combat techniques, and is intended to allow the player to become whoever they want - rogue, warrior or bard. Even more so when Kingdom Come mods get going.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance release date: TBC, 2017


Oddworld: Soulstorm

Upcoming PC games Oddworld: Soulstorm

In the ‘90s, Lorne Lanning managed to slip anti-corporate and environmental messages onto the PlayStation under cover of cartoon characters. But the Oddworld series is far more at home now on the PC, where Lanning and co. can finally give the rushed sequel to Abe’s Oddysee the remake it deserves.

Oddworld: Soulstorm release date: TBC, 2017

These are the upcoming PC games that have got us most excited. Any games on the horizon that have you seriously considering a pre-order? Let us know in the comments.

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Kinth! avatarMaliceAlyce avatarFed-Up avatarFayde avataramirabd2130 avatarFattox avatar+9
Fed-Up Avatar
10 Months ago

Battleborn's been pushed back to May 3rd, fyi.

...personally I'm most hyped for Dishonored 2 - gonna be sweet! =]

And as for a game not mentioned - I really hope we'll get to see Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord by the end of 2016....

Billy1234 Avatar
8 Months ago

Yeah i hope so too!

Kinth! Avatar
10 Months ago

Get Enter The Gungeon on there, it looks incredible.

amirabd2130 Avatar
10 Months ago

Forgot about Rise of Tomb Raider & Need for Speed?! :)

Jordan Forward Avatar
10 Months ago

Thanks for the suggestions, have added both to the list.

Mctittles Avatar
10 Months ago

My most anticipated game in and long time is "Hover Junkers" and I cannot even remember the last time I was this excited about an upcoming title. Watching their youtube multiplayer battles looks like it will change gaming forever!

ZedClampet Avatar
9 Months ago

Mass Effect and Resident Evil 0 could be added. Two I'll definitely be buying so long as ME really comes out this year.

Fattox Avatar
8 Months ago

Woah there. What about Dragon's Dogma? Jan 15th i believe.

Factorio will also be coming to Steam late Feb, but i guess as an Early Access title. I have to give it an honourable mention since i've been addicted to it lately.

Billy1234 Avatar
8 Months ago

Is Stellaris meant for 2016?

llubtoille Avatar
8 Months ago

I was a little disappointed to realize the 'snake game' in the title, was actually just an Xcom 2 enemy. Snake-dude looks boss.

DustyGerkin Avatar
7 Months ago

I actually liked Homefront. Fingers crossed for this one.

QDP2 Avatar
1 Month ago

Maybe not confirmed but I think it's fair to assume a 2017 release window.

TBC 2017 - Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord

MaliceAlyce Avatar
10 Months ago

Only one I'm excited to play is Dark Souls, the rest are meh imo.

Fayde Avatar
10 Months ago

Dishonored 2 is up there too but I agree with you on the rest.

MaliceAlyce Avatar
10 Months ago

I'm probably one of the few that didn't like Dishonoured. One game that's not in this list I'm really keen for is Lost Ark Online, but that could be a while

Fattox Avatar
10 Months ago

Hitman and JC3 for me. Different strokes for different folks? :p

This might be the first DS game i skip out on. Had too many lagstabs to bother getting it unless i can opt-out of the PvP. I'm usually all about PvP in any game that has it, but it felt broken to me in DS1/2. Never tried it while playing DeS, though i expect it was much of the same.

Lolssi Avatar
10 Months ago

Didn't care for Dishonored myself either. It was supposed to be game that I like even though I don't really care about steampunk. Combat was fun but to get the good ending had to sneak most of the time and that got bit boring.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
2 Months ago

Probably posted in this before. But these articles tend to pop up again, so I'll post again!

I almost clapped when I saw Abzu there. If it's anything as promising as it looks to be, then I'd be very happy. Then again, I was happy with Submerged, which not a lot of people like. I just enjoy mystery, exploration, and less of a focus on violence for the sake of it.

No Man's Sky is kind of on my radar... but mostly not. I really dislike the dull, boring, and entirely uninteresting spaceships. This is a space where you could have your ship be a living squid that you've bonded with that has its own personality and character, and instead of stupid bloody glass cockpits from ancient fighter jets you could have cool telepathic symbiotic HUDs that borrow from more modern things like the HoloLens. It bugs me immensely that few developers realise that they could actually have the starship itself be a character. It would add so much to a game like No Man's Sky.

Battleborn has Nova. I adore Nova. I adored her even more in The Saboteur mission where she's just so hype to be on an away mission with everyone and out of the ship. I think she's getting added to the game, soon, as a giant, bulky bloody robot. A very different vision from the robotic body BioWare decided on for EDI. I'm glad that Battleborn exists, again. It shows me that we can go further than EDI and boring ship designs. Did you notice how insectoid the Battleborn ship is? No? Then you're not very observant! You should go and look at them!

It made me so happy when I saw that Nova's ship design was basically that of a giant bug, it even has legs!

I'm sorry that I fixate on these things, but we seem to have a sexual fetish and an obsession with our own dullness, irrelevance, and how boring we are. Spaceship designs rarely change, they've got flight sticks, glass cockpits, and anachronistic designs which are all about nostalgia. There is next to no creativity in this space. It's like everyone is fighting each other to see who can make the most uninspired spaceship. I expect that whichever video game has spaceships next might continually broadcast an annoyingly monotone person counting the rings of a tree stump. Though even that would be too interesting!

Grump grump grump.

No Man's Sky is really ruined for me by this. I don't know if I'll be able to get past it. It's like... You have an entire Universe, hooray! Now let's go and explore it in the equivalent of a shitty, used Chrysler K-car. That doesn't take the wind out of the sales of grand exploration at all, eh? I keep asking this but when'd we become so xenophobic, technophobic, and soporifically dull? Space sim gamers are the most boring of old men. Lifelong bean counters with not a single interesting story to tell.

And it taints the pool for everyone else. You could have interesting spaceship designs that would appeal to younger gamers who're more relevant to the Zeitgeist, but no. Games like this seem almost happy about their own irrelevancy. And that evokes much sadness in me, as I am a creature of romantic wonder. It's what I do. It's my morning bowl of raison d'etre (thanks, Homer).

I remember Earth: Final Conflict back in the '90s had awesome spaceships and cool techno-organic stuff. That was so, so promising. Where'd all that imagination go? I really do miss it, you know?

Please developers. INTERESTING SHIPS THAT TRAVEL SPACE. Thank you.

Yooka-Laylee is so promising. Please don't be a let down. I don't really have a whole lot to say about that other than I loved how spirited that era of gaming was. I miss fun, sassy heroes. That's part of why Battleborn felt like a return to the '90s/early '00s. It was fun, funny, and it wasn't afraid to make you laugh. I want more of that. I really like the humour of it so far, and the mechanics, at least from what I've seen. I have hopes.

TACOMA? This elicited an 'OH MY GOD, a space game that actually has bits of genuine, honest to goodness futuristic stuff in it, rather than looking like a chrome-plated barn in space' from me. So I have the cautious hopes for this, too. I did enjoy Gone Home, though. It was a lovely explorative experience.

And that's about that, then.