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What are people saying about Mafia III? This week in BetterCritic user reviews

Mafia 3 release time

Did you know about our user review engine? It's called BetterCritic, because it's better than... certain other reviews aggregators. Why? It gives you a platform for you to explain specifically what works about a certain title, what doesn't, whether you regretted buying all that DLC, and how many dongs there are in the cut-scenes.

Feel like leaving your own musings? Head over to our BetterCritic reviews hub and start typing.

Without further ado then, PCGamesN presents the best of BetterCritic this week, including the less than stellar optimisation of Mafia III, being a bit lackadaisical with your safety in Starbound, and becoming a cruel, bringer-of-doom in Plague Inc: Evolved...

Darkest Dungeon


Silentius - “Unspeakable twilit scenes: forbidden rites, conducted in darkened grottos, beneath a gibbous moon; unfathomably ancient, cyclopean walls, built according to non-Euclidean geometry; a nameless, unholy, amorphous mass, pulsing with malevolent life, glimpsed only for an instant, yet enough to drive a man to utter mania... something like that!!”

In response to: How bleak is the end of the world in Plague Inc: Evolved?

Nari - “You deal with a virus, one you created, slowly but surely ending humanity or as much of it as possible. It is an extinction event after a certain point. Panic happens, riots break out, transport and trade breakdown, eventually you try to wipe out everyone.”

Mafia 3 pc review combat

In response to: How good are the sounds in Mafia III?

venchant - “Sounds stutter at times during cutscenes, otherwise are smooth and a great selection!”

In response to: How does Mafia III run on your PC?

venchant - “Very sluggish. Probably doesn't like my Radeon HD6670 card although the support board says it should work.”

Nvidia Showcase SOMA

In response to: How sneaky can you be in SOMA?

ZedClampet - “Stealth is the key to monster encounters, as you can't kill them. I thought the stealth mechanic worked quite well, and the opportunities in stealth were better presented than in Amnesia.”

Starbound Chucklefish

In response to: Is Starbound frustrating?

Silentius - “It can be, but my frustrations with the game are really frustrations at my own stupidity. When exploring I always seem to give in to the temptation to keep going: despite knowing that I'm in danger. This, coupled with the fact that I often forget to mark out the route I've taken, means that my character frequently dies, deep down in the dark, dropping a host of loot.

Invariably I respawn miles away and have to spend ages hunting down the stuff I've lost... I really should learn to play a bit smarter.”

Elite Dangerous

In response to: How hard is it to control ships in Elite: Dangerous?

Premchand - “It can be challenging in the beginning. But everyone can pick up the game and start flying”


In response to: How does Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II compare to other Warhammer 40K games?

panbient - “It's a departure from the earlier Dawn of War titles in that there's no base building at all in the single player campaign. It's all about controlling 4 hero units / squads in a cover based RTS.”


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