January 2021 Archive

This Resident Evil 2 mod is a fully standalone prequel31 January 2021
Asus's easy toolless M.2 Q-Latch won't be on all ROG, Prime, and Tuf motherboards31 January 2021
Apex Legends sets new concurrent players record just ahead of Season 831 January 2021
The Medium has already covered development costs, says Bloober Team31 January 2021
Bernie Sanders joins Skyrim, Dark Souls, Resident Evil 7 and more with these mods31 January 2021
Bungie is "discussing possible options" for Destiny 2 3-peeking31 January 2021
Dark Souls modder recreates Halo maps, ends up overhauling multiplayer30 January 2021
Cyberpunk 2077's easter eggs feel like more marketing30 January 2021
Super Nintendo World is being built in Minecraft30 January 2021
Actually, Silent Hill 2 takes place in the late '70s or early '80s30 January 2021
Elden Ring community gets excited (again), is disappointed (again)30 January 2021
Tale of Immortal is a Chinese open-world RPG that's Steam's latest hit30 January 2021
Marvel's Avengers update makes it more stable30 January 2021
Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 4 tackles France and Benelux at "the end of March"29 January 2021
Genshin Impact 1.3 pre-load begins next week29 January 2021
Empire of Sin is making it tougher to find rivals' safehouses29 January 2021
Hitman 3 DLC will involve "reimagining" older Hitman levels29 January 2021
Riot is aiming for more new LoL champs to be "good for League overall"29 January 2021
How to solve The Medium's clock puzzle in Thomas's office29 January 2021
Apex Legends Fuse abilities29 January 2021
Intel's 11th gen i9 spotted hitting 98ºC under load, but probably won't at launch29 January 2021
Where RPG meets MMO: how Elder Scrolls Online revives Oblivion29 January 2021
Stellaris will let you engage in the completely legitimate activity of arming insurgents in other empires29 January 2021
Fallout 76 will soon let you respec your characters whenever you want29 January 2021
The rumoured Nvidia 20GB RTX 3080 Ti's benchmarks have popped up online29 January 2021
The best The Medium PC settings for 60fps29 January 2021
All of the Halo Infinite sandbox team's “launch content is in-game and being played daily”29 January 2021
Destiny 2 is getting Seasonal Challenges to tackle FOMO29 January 2021
Prime Gaming's February free games haul includes five indie darlings29 January 2021
This Skyrim mod makes it a Super Mario 64-style Chaos Edition with unpredictable effects29 January 2021
The new Total War Troy DLC is here, along with a big patch29 January 2021
Call of Duty: Warzone players have found new ways to abuse stim shots29 January 2021
Doom fan recreates NES era Castlevania game using GZDoom engine29 January 2021
CSGO will now compensate you for shorthanded losing streaks in Competitive and Wingman29 January 2021
WD Blue SN550 Review - the best value 1TB NVMe SSD on the market28 January 2021
Bleeding Edge will receive "no further content updates"28 January 2021
Scalpers have made $15.2m profit on Nvidia's RTX 3000 cards28 January 2021
The Civilization 6: New Frontier Pass - Vietnam and Kublai Khan pack is out now28 January 2021
Corsair's fastest SSD yet released, with a 61% speed increase28 January 2021
Two-thirds of all Civilization 6 civs will get a rebalance in the 4X game's April update28 January 2021
Next week's free game from Epic has a yeti in it28 January 2021
The Medium review - non-violent hill28 January 2021
Razer's minimalist TKL mechanical gaming keyboard is up to 28% cheaper today28 January 2021
The Epic Games Store now has 160 million PC users28 January 2021
Glitchpunk is a cyberpunk take on GTA 2, gets a Steam demo next week28 January 2021
Finally, you can play The Witcher 3 in your Tesla28 January 2021
Warcraft 3 maps - a guide to custom maps and how to install them28 January 2021
Why upcoming RTS Stronghold: Warlords needed to be delayed28 January 2021
Where are the hidden bunkers in Fortnite?28 January 2021
Cyberpunk 2077 1.11 hotfix tackles the Takemura holocall hiccup28 January 2021
Assassin's Creed Valhalla players figure out how to get secret Isu bow properly28 January 2021
Teamfight Tactics patch 11.3 notes - Slayer, Spirit trait tweaks, Elise, Tristana changes28 January 2021
Find the crashed plane's black box in Fortnite28 January 2021
(Re)introducing Wargamer, your ally for wargames and board games28 January 2021
Graphics card prices could be rising further with increased memory costs28 January 2021
Steam's Game Festival returns next week with "over 500" free game demos to try28 January 2021
GTA Online weekly update adds extra rewards for Casino Adversary modes, Mobile Operations28 January 2021
The Bernie Sanders meme is now a playable Soulcalibur 6 character27 January 2021
Rainbow Six Siege's new code of conduct bans stream sniping27 January 2021
The sequel to the best puzzle game comes to Steam in March27 January 2021
Sea of Thieves Season One release time - Rare details downtime27 January 2021
Watch Dogs Legion has a big update out that includes some multiplayer test files27 January 2021
Dota 2's new Overwatch system has arrived27 January 2021
Magic: Legends will hold an open beta ahead of launch27 January 2021
Razer Iskur gaming chair review - an impressive debut27 January 2021
Starcraft 2’s ‘minegate’ shows that RTS fans still care about the little things27 January 2021
Yakuza: Remastered Collection PC system requirements have been revealed27 January 2021
Some of League of Legends' strongest junglers get nerfed next update27 January 2021
Tomb Raider is getting a Netflix series from The Witcher: Blood Origin writer27 January 2021
You'll struggle to get AMD CPUs and GPUs until July, according to CEO27 January 2021
The Medium reviews - our roundup of the critics' scores27 January 2021
Intel's first desktop GPU in two decades might not be a gaming contender27 January 2021
Civilization 5 vs Civilization 6 - a clash of civilisations27 January 2021
Ark: Survival Evolved's next beginner server wipe is set for March27 January 2021
Genshin Impact's new Xiao trailer reveals more about the demon hunter's past27 January 2021
Fallout 76 update makes the life of a hoarder all the easier27 January 2021
You'll spend "a lot of time in The Deadlands" in Elder Scrolls Online's Oblivion DLC27 January 2021
Here's where you're most (and least) likely to die in Fortnite26 January 2021
The Elder Scrolls Online's Oblivion DLC takes you to Leyawiin and Arena's Gideon26 January 2021
Sea of Thieves battle pass explained - here's what's free and what you need to pay for26 January 2021
Elder Scrolls Online's Oblivion chapter adds a Skyrim-like companions system26 January 2021
Rocket League adds new accessibility features after new arena causes seizures26 January 2021
Apex Legends Season 8 makes Kings Canyon bigger26 January 2021
Cyberpunk 2077 official modding tools have (sort of) arrived26 January 2021
Dead Cells' Fatal Falls DLC launches with a new anime style short26 January 2021
A Minecraft fan is recreating Beat Saber, VR and all26 January 2021
Kung-fu varmint RPG Biomutant gets a May release date26 January 2021
Age of Empires II: DE - Lords of the West is here, and it hates swear words26 January 2021
Apex Legends Season 8 release date and everything we know so far26 January 2021
Civilization 6’s newest leader, Kublai Khan, will conquer the world through trade26 January 2021
The best Call of Duty campaigns, ranked from worst to best26 January 2021
Get comfy in this Elder Scrolls gaming chair26 January 2021
Here is Minecraft's Minas Tirith in its full ray traced splendour26 January 2021
Red Dead Online players are getting solo lobbies instead of disconnections26 January 2021
Nvidia's RTX 3000 laptop benchmarks are up to 48% better than the previous gen26 January 2021
This Skyrim mod blends two overhauls to create the "ultimate College of Winterhold"26 January 2021
The original Celeste just got a free sequel26 January 2021
4X game Distant Worlds 2 is the space-strategy epic you never knew you needed26 January 2021
We're getting monthly updates on Halo Infinite leading up to launch25 January 2021
Fortnite players get free refunds because the Terminator skin didn't come with an emote25 January 2021
19 million players picked up Star Wars Battlefront 2 free from the Epic Store25 January 2021
Dyson Sphere Program is a Factorio-like that's off to a strong start on Steam25 January 2021
Rainbow Six Siege may finally see Zofia's Withstand ability nerfed25 January 2021
Gabe Newell wants to move beyond "meat peripherals" and give your brain mood sliders25 January 2021
Netflix's Witcher prequel reveals its first character25 January 2021
WoW weekly reset brings nerfs for Druids, Mages, and Paladins in PvP25 January 2021
Hitman 3 keypad codes - every safe and door unlocked25 January 2021
FIFA 21 has free drops on Prime Gaming25 January 2021
Cooler Master wants your next PC to hang inside-out above your monitor25 January 2021
Half-Life 2 speedrunners beat the game backwards in 13 minutes25 January 2021
GTA Online cheat seller shuts down after "discussions" with Take-Two Interactive25 January 2021
Build your dream ski resort in Snowtopia from tomorrow25 January 2021
Phasmophobia update exorcises some bugs, brings some quality of life tweaks25 January 2021
Making it in Unreal: When pandemic struck, Hell Let Loose was well equipped25 January 2021
Nvidia RTX 3080 stock might not exist, so here's a keycap instead25 January 2021
Ark: Survival Evolved devs are piloting a new community feature showing what players get up to25 January 2021
Create your own Night City gang with this Cyberpunk 2077 mod25 January 2021
Rust and Everspace 2 lead the Steam top sellers24 January 2021
Burnout 3 is getting a remake in GTA 524 January 2021
Cyberpunk 2077 game-breaking glitch discovered after latest update24 January 2021
Hitman 3 Dubai world record a tie at nine seconds24 January 2021
Best Hitman 3 PC settings - optimised settings for 60fps24 January 2021
Minecraft's Herobrine seed has been discovered24 January 2021
Don't Starve developer "will retain autonomy" as Tencent buys majority stake23 January 2021
35 CSGO players banned by ESIC for betting related violations23 January 2021
System Shock remake pre-orders and final demo coming end of February23 January 2021
Doom developer's mystery VR game rated in Australia23 January 2021
Diablo 2 remake reportedly being made by Tony Hawk devs23 January 2021
Bugsnax originally ended with a zombie apocalypse22 January 2021
Getting smoked by Resident Evil Village's Lady Dimitrescu is currently a PS5 exclusive22 January 2021
Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.1 is live, and "lays the groundwork" for the game to get fixed22 January 2021
Truck Simulator devs affirm "faith in science" after "unfortunate phrasing" of COVID-19 event22 January 2021
Tony Hawk devs merge with World of Warcraft devs22 January 2021
Hitman 3's Arabic is all backwards - but it's getting fixed22 January 2021
Hitman 3 shortcuts guide22 January 2021
Hitman 3 Carpathian Mountains Silent Assassin, Suit Only walkthrough22 January 2021
Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas is Grinding Gear's most successful expansion22 January 2021
Save up to 38% on Logitech's brilliant wireless gaming mouse22 January 2021
We get our first look at Final Fantasy 14 patch 5.5 next month22 January 2021
Destiny 2's Umbral Engrams are coming back22 January 2021
Guild Wars 2's Dragon Response bosses dial up the challenge in 'Power'22 January 2021
New AMD drivers add support for Hitman 3 and Quake 2 RTX22 January 2021
Nevermind Age of Empires, we need an Age of Mythology remaster22 January 2021
This Cyberpunk 2077 mod lets you control time itself22 January 2021
Overwatch's new experimental card nerfs Echo, Tracer, and Zenyatta22 January 2021
Genshin Impact's 1.3 livestream kicks off today - here's where to watch it22 January 2021
Resident Evil Village has RE4-style inventory Tetris21 January 2021
Resident Evil Village is getting a PC demo in spring21 January 2021
The Division 2 is getting a Resident Evil crossover21 January 2021
Resident Evil 8's giant woman is named Lady Dimitrescu - she's put the internet in horny jail21 January 2021
Resident Evil Re:Verse is RE8's free multiplayer component, but there's no beta on PC21 January 2021
Resident Evil Village's giant woman has a mom21 January 2021
The Endless games are free to play through this weekend21 January 2021
Apex Legends Season 8 will "obliterate" Kings Canyon21 January 2021
How WoW guild Complexity-Limit held onto the world first title21 January 2021
Borderlands 3 kicks off three weeks of Arms Race events with a slew of hotfixes21 January 2021
Sea of Thieves' Season One battle pass starts next week21 January 2021
New Civ 6 civ Vietnam's leader, Lady Trieu, will not put up with your nonsense21 January 2021
Coral Island is like a tropical Stardew Valley and it hits Kickstarter next month21 January 2021
Next week's free game from Epic is a gravity-defying Metroidvania21 January 2021
Hitman 3 Mendoza Silent Assassin, Suit Only walkthrough21 January 2021
Facebook apologises for banning Fallout 76 roleplayers21 January 2021
Resident Evil Village store listing hints at "Resident Evil Re:Verse" content21 January 2021
Hitman 3 Chongqing Silent Assassin, Suit Only walkthrough21 January 2021
CSGO update makes a bunch of Apollo map changes21 January 2021
Old Star Wars games from the SNES era are coming to PC21 January 2021
GTA Online weekly update introduces the Slamtruck, baby21 January 2021
Valorant's Split map has been overhauled21 January 2021
Twitch will change its policies on hateful conduct after banning Donald Trump again20 January 2021
Loop Hero is a roguelike that makes you a D&D dungeon master20 January 2021
The Waylanders shows off its medieval second act in a new trailer20 January 2021
Valve responds to EU fine over region locked game keys20 January 2021
Hitman 3 carry over broken, devs ask you to stop pressing F5 on IO account site20 January 2021
Hitman 3 Dubai Silent Assassin, Suit Only walkthrough20 January 2021
WW2 RTS game Company of Heroes 2 gets 64-bit update and new maps, seven years after launch20 January 2021
Hitman 3 review - same same but different20 January 2021
Hitman 3 Berlin Silent Assassin, Suit Only walkthrough20 January 2021
Teamfight Tactics patch 11.2 notes - Fates: Festival of Beasts mid-set update changes20 January 2021
Strategy games, ADHD, and the curse of 'one more turn'20 January 2021
Valve and five publishers fined millions for for “geo-blocking” PC games20 January 2021
Genshin Impact update 1.3 will drop resin costs for most "large-scale events"20 January 2021
Hearthstone's first ever mini-set The Darkmoon Races drops tomorrow20 January 2021
Where is Predator in Fortnite? How to defeat Predator20 January 2021
Hitman 3 Dartmoor Silent Assassin, Suit Only walkthrough20 January 2021
Save up to 34% off HyperX's hybrid gaming headset20 January 2021
RTX stock is so bad the 2060 is returning to market20 January 2021
A WoW Classic player is recreating the MMO's icons as gorgeous animations20 January 2021
This Total Warhammer 2 mod adds fantastical beast units to the wood elves20 January 2021
The best Battle Brothers mods20 January 2021
League of Legends patch 11.2 notes - new jungler Viego, Ruined and Shan Hai Scrolls skins20 January 2021
Skyrim fan creates impressive trailer using machine learning AI mod instead of voice actors20 January 2021
Destiny 2's 2021 "is going to be a little different"20 January 2021
Dota 2 gets "revamped" in-client viewing experience for the 2021 Pro Circuit20 January 2021
Among Us devs answer "why is everything taking so long?"19 January 2021
The new platformer from Sonic the Hedgehog creators gets a free Steam demo next week19 January 2021
Elite Dangerous might name a location after you19 January 2021
Path of Exile 3.13 reaches a record number of players, 60% of them on Steam19 January 2021
Rainbow Six Siege's The Road to SI is back for 202119 January 2021
Hitman 3 has another Potato Jesus easter egg19 January 2021
Atomic Heart's hero is revealed in this new trailer19 January 2021
This Ace Attorney bot turns Reddit threads into courtroom drama19 January 2021
Yakuza 3, 4, and 5, Control, and more hit Game Pass PC this month19 January 2021
Hitman 3's playable benchmarking tool is the stuff of dreams19 January 2021
Nvidia will not release RTX 3060 founders edition cards19 January 2021
Red Dead Online weekly update brings double rewards for Showdown modes19 January 2021
You can buy a keyboard John Romero smashed while ragequitting Quake19 January 2021
Football comes to Fortnite this week19 January 2021
Intel 11th gen CPU prices leak from retailer19 January 2021
Nioh 2 on mid-range PCs is brilliantly tough, just forget about 120fps19 January 2021
Call of Duty: Cold War split-screen glitch is turning players into floating guns19 January 2021
CSGO fan creates procedurally generated aim map with "tens of millions" of variations19 January 2021
Rainbow Six Siege update fixes bizarre rapid spinning fps bug (and others, too)19 January 2021
League of Legends champion Rammus is getting an update soon19 January 2021
Another PUBG universe game is set to release "by next year"19 January 2021
HighFleet is a new dieselpunk strategy game with an RTS-survival twist19 January 2021
Rust has hit another all-time player count record19 January 2021
Magic: The Gathering Kaldheim card reveal - Valor of the Worthy19 January 2021
Hellblade dev's next game takes place entirely in a single, real-life apartment18 January 2021
Auto Chess, the Dota 2 spin-off, is getting its own MOBA18 January 2021
Ace Combat 7 gets a free birthday update (and we miss you, JPEG Dog)18 January 2021
Everspace 2 tops Rust and Cyberpunk 2077 as Steam's top seller18 January 2021
FromSoftware's Neverending Story, and other dream '80s games18 January 2021
After one month, Cyberpunk 2077 is 50% off on console, 33% off on PC18 January 2021
Genshin Impact's latest event gives players free health restoration on demand18 January 2021
Save 20% off Cooler Master's lightweight gaming mouse18 January 2021
Cyberpunk 2077 dev responds to second class action lawsuit from investors18 January 2021
Cyberpunk 2077 report alleges poor management, crunch, "fake" E3 demo, and more18 January 2021
Dwarf Fortress on Steam makes it easier to read your dwarves' minds18 January 2021
Rustler is like old-school GTA but medieval, and with catapulting cows18 January 2021
Skyrim mod Enderal's creators are cooking up a "new, commercial project"18 January 2021
Nvidia's RTX 30 series will now fit in a mini PC case18 January 2021
Eight great-looking PC games not to miss in January18 January 2021
Making it in Unreal: betray your besties in First Class Trouble18 January 2021
This Skyrim mod makes NPCs compliment you for strutting around in the nude18 January 2021
John Wick writer is pitching a live-action D&D series18 January 2021
You won't need to repurchase Hitman 1 and 2 to access their levels in Hitman 318 January 2021
Ratchet and Clank become Doom Guy in this Doom 2 mod17 January 2021
Bloodborne's being remade as a PS1 game17 January 2021
Apex Legends patch fixes "most of" crashing issues, Respawn still working on it17 January 2021
Platinum Games hoping to give Bayonetta 3 update and reveal "unannounced projects" this year17 January 2021
Fallout 4 offers what Cyberpunk 2077 doesn't: consequences16 January 2021
Bungie deleting old Halo stats in February16 January 2021
Here's Doom actually playable on a SEGA Genesis16 January 2021
New Call of Duty: Warzone world record set by quads team16 January 2021
Stardew Valley update breaks multiplayer fishing, hotfix is live16 January 2021
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey's settlements can be raided, new engineers being added16 January 2021
Star Wars: Battlefront 2 giveaway crashes servers, EA promises increased capacity15 January 2021
Here's what World of Warcraft zones would look like as Super Mario Galaxy levels15 January 2021
For the first time, GTA 5 did not make NPD's year-end best-seller list (but there's a reason)15 January 2021
Massive Fallout: New Vegas mod The Frontier is finally out after seven years15 January 2021
Someone is hiding in the STALKER 2 in-engine trailer15 January 2021
Is Darktide riddled with heresy? We asked a Warhammer 40K nerd15 January 2021
Asus's ROG Zephyrus S15 gaming laptop is up to 32% cheaper15 January 2021
The fastest SSDs announced at CES 202115 January 2021
Sea shanties took over TikTok partly because of Sea of Thieves15 January 2021
Minecraft players recreated Attack on Titan's Shiganshina to 1:1 scale15 January 2021
The best Star Wars game is still getting updates, 15 years later15 January 2021
Phasmophobia beta update makes the ghost better at tracking you down15 January 2021
Destiny 2's Hunter Shatterdive is getting a nuclear nerf14 January 2021
Steam Lunar New Year Sale 2021 date leaks14 January 2021
Deep Rock Galactic's next update adds two new biomes full of horrible new beasts14 January 2021
Humble Winter Sale brings deals from CD Projekt, Sega, Rockstar, Square Enix, and more14 January 2021
Nioh 2 is going all-in on PC settings14 January 2021
The next free game from Epic is a sci-fi take on Civilization14 January 2021
Rainbow Six Siege arrives in Ghost Recon Breakpoint for the next live event14 January 2021
Assassin's Creed Valhalla update adds reward to Death Stranding mission14 January 2021
Nvidia interview suggests GPU stock will continue to be an issue in 202114 January 2021
Resident Evil 8 gameplay and "more news on the Resident Evil franchise" hit next week14 January 2021
Stellaris’ espionage rework will let you run a network of Star Wars Bothan spies14 January 2021
Our favourite Black videogame characters ever14 January 2021
Prison Architect's next expansion goes eco-friendly14 January 2021
New Total War: Troy DLC adds Ajax and Diomedes, Warhammer 2 style units14 January 2021
GTA Online weekly update brings double rewards for survivals14 January 2021
Facebook suspends Fallout 76's Free States Militia RP group - again14 January 2021
AMD graphics cards are coming to Samsung phones14 January 2021
Apex Legends' Horizon is getting nerfed in Season 814 January 2021
Meet Welyn, the Robin Hood of Rust14 January 2021
Call of Duty: Cold War mid-season update release time confirmed13 January 2021
Hitman 3 hands-on: more of the same has never been so good13 January 2021
Cyberpunk 2077 DLC will be delayed until after the most urgent fixes have arrived13 January 2021
Minecraft 1.16.5 Release Candidate 1 is out, another Caves and Cliffs snapshot hits next week13 January 2021
Shadow of Mordor's servers have shut down, but the final update means you can keep playing13 January 2021
With millions driven indoors by COVID-19, Steam's numbers soared in 202013 January 2021
PlayStation emulator Bleem will soon be a Steam competitor selling retro games13 January 2021
Smash Bros creator was "deeply moved" by Cyberpunk 2077 refunds13 January 2021
Hogwarts Legacy delayed until 202213 January 2021
Wasteland 3 should've copied Divinity: Original Sin 2's D&D-style co-op13 January 2021
The Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield “aren’t affected” by Bethesda's Indiana Jones game13 January 2021
Intel's upcoming Xe GPU to rival Nvidia and AMD will be built on a 7nm process13 January 2021
Razer's new face mask looks like it's straight out of The Division13 January 2021
EA is still working on "a number" of Star Wars games13 January 2021
Call of Duty: Warzone latest patch nerfs the DMR again and fixes the stim glitch13 January 2021
Where to find the mysterious pod in Fortnite13 January 2021
Destiny 2 and Valorant cheat maker shuts down in the face of major lawsuit13 January 2021
Little Nightmares 2 is less lonely, but more terrifying13 January 2021
An open-world Star Wars game is on the way from Ubisoft Massive13 January 2021
Asus releases 4K 144Hz monitor and mechanical keyboard laptop at CES13 January 2021
Call of Duty streamer plays with Donkey Kong bongos, gets triple kill13 January 2021
A CSGO fan has remade part of its Mirage map and it looks gorgeous13 January 2021
Elite Dangerous: Odyssey gets short delay on PC13 January 2021
Guild Wars 2: The Icebrood Saga's finale continues next week with 'Power'13 January 2021
King Arthur: Knight's Tale is XCOM meets D&D, and it hits Steam this month12 January 2021
Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord gets rebellions, new villages and battle terrains, and new perks12 January 2021
Fortnite 15.20 release time - the new update is confirmed for January 1312 January 2021
Nvidia reveals the RTX 3060 and resizable BAR support to boost fps12 January 2021
Razer's concept gaming cockpit is surprisingly sensible12 January 2021
GTA 5 actors recreate the Franklin roast in real life12 January 2021
AMD announces new mobile CPUs and GPUs, teases mid-range desktop GPUs12 January 2021
Why Neverwinter: Sharandar is revamping a classic zone12 January 2021
New Razer Blade gaming laptops pack Nvidia's mobile RTX 30 series GPUs12 January 2021
Capcom now says 390,000 people's information may be compromised in ransomware attack12 January 2021
Dead Cells' Fatal Falls DLC is out later this month12 January 2021
Warcraft director battled writer's block by writing a Full Throttle movie script12 January 2021
Bethesda and LucasFilm announce a new Indiana Jones game12 January 2021
Nevermind 11th gen, Intel is releasing its 12th gen CPUs this year too12 January 2021
WoW weekly reset brings more class tuning for Death Knights and Frost Mages12 January 2021
The best Streetsweeper shotgun Warzone loadout12 January 2021
Doom 3 is now playable on Oculus Quest thanks to this fan port12 January 2021
First look at Intel 11th Gen Z590 motherboards announced at CES 202112 January 2021
Lords of the Fallen 2 has a "strong chance" of being "more popular" among Dark Souls fans12 January 2021
Assassin's Creed Valhalla Excalibur location - how to get all 11 tablets12 January 2021
Rust base designs are about more than just size12 January 2021
Sony's CES stream reveals new release dates for PS5 games coming to PC11 January 2021
Spanish streamer TheGrefg reveals Fortnite skin, doubles every viewer record on Twitch11 January 2021
Forza Horizon 4 is getting the new 2020 Corvette C8 in this week's update11 January 2021
Genshin Impact Ganyu banner release time - Adrift in the Harbor starts soon11 January 2021
Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War's Zombies mode is going free for a week11 January 2021
Destiny 2 and Valorant developers have joined forces to sue a cheat maker11 January 2021
Mad Catz' new B.A.T. 6+ gaming mouse is less Transformers and more Batmobile11 January 2021
Hitman 3's final locations revealed11 January 2021
The best console games we wish were on PC11 January 2021
Castle building RTS game Stronghold: Warlords has been delayed until March11 January 2021
This Cyberpunk 2077 mod gives driving more of a "Forza feeling"11 January 2021
Pokémon Red is now playable through someone's Twitter avatar11 January 2021
CD Projekt is being investigated over Cyberpunk 2077's launch by a Polish regulator11 January 2021
Here's that Wolfenstein 3D x Super Monkey Ball crossover you were looking for11 January 2021
How to craft and use a Minecraft hopper11 January 2021
Making it in Unreal: bringing '60s hard sci-fi to life in The Invincible11 January 2021
Looks like Call of Duty: Warzone's stim glitch is back11 January 2021
This Skyrim mod lets you hide your gear without unequipping it11 January 2021
Dead By Daylight getting skill based matchmaking, new HUD, and fixing traps in next update10 January 2021
Phasmophobia's new update means ghosts can follow you around corners10 January 2021
Rust overtakes Cyberpunk 2077 on Steam top sellers list10 January 2021
Ride this old Disney World attraction using VR10 January 2021
AGDQ 2021 raises $2.7 million for charity10 January 2021
Seven-time Tetris champion Jonas Neubauer passes away aged 3910 January 2021
Here's Doom on a fake version of Windows10 January 2021
Gilmore Girls meets Fire Emblem in this mod straight out of every millennial's dreams9 January 2021
Valorant's next agent is Yoru, an infiltration specialist arriving for Episode 2, Act 19 January 2021
City builders like Cities: Skylines can construct stories, so why don't they?9 January 2021
The Banner Saga devs seem to be working on an MMO9 January 2021
Play Skyrim in local splitscreen co-op using these mods9 January 2021
Grand Theft Auto 5 continues to sell by the millions9 January 2021
Steam sale tracker IsThereAnyDeal compromised, devs say your account is safe9 January 2021
King of Fighters XV reveal mysteriously delayed, leaked, then happened anyway8 January 2021
Rainbow Six Siege hotfix requires players to have a friend in a squad to join a lobby8 January 2021
Hearthstone is switching to a 100-tier reward track for its next expansion8 January 2021
Dying Light 2 narrative lead leaves Techland, devs promise "exciting news" soon8 January 2021
Cyberpunk 2077 proves that good animation is no longer optional8 January 2021
War Thunder meets End of Nations in new early access RTS game Iron Conflict8 January 2021
Here are new League of Legends champion Viego's abilities8 January 2021
Teamfight Tactics is getting a new, time-saving mode later this year8 January 2021
League of Legends gets new champion Viego this month, 140 skins in 20218 January 2021
Where is Ulman in Genshin Impact?8 January 2021
Twitch suspends Donald Trump's account8 January 2021
Acer's first HDMI 2.1 gaming monitor will hit 4K 120Hz8 January 2021
New Dota 2 patch fixes the MOBA's Ability Draft mode8 January 2021
Smite Season 8 brings new Conquest map and Babylonian gods8 January 2021
CSGO update removes bots from competitive and wingman modes8 January 2021
This Stardew Valley mod lets you sit to restore stamina8 January 2021
After Among Us, Game Pass PC gets another social deduction game in January7 January 2021
Lego Island is getting a fan-made sequel called Project Island7 January 2021
This Skyrim mod lets you freely choose your character's pronouns7 January 2021
Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War mid-season update arrives next week7 January 2021
New Rust update adds more servers, brings Twitch Drops, and wipes your blueprints7 January 2021
Path of Exile's Echoes of the Atlas expansion has been revealed7 January 2021
Total War: Warhammer 2 Asrai Resurgent update is now live7 January 2021
Cyberpunk 2077 crafting guide7 January 2021
This gnarly Witcher 3 mod turns Geralt into a snowboarder (yes, really)7 January 2021
Razer Blade laptops are up to $500 cheaper right now7 January 2021
The next free game from Epic is Star Wars *pew pew*7 January 2021
GTA 5's latest craze is roasting Franklin7 January 2021
The latest Warzone nerfs haven't fixed the DMR 147 January 2021
PUBG gets a new Reputation system to curb toxic behaviour7 January 2021
Biomutant likely to launch in the next few months, bringing a wacky world of mutant RPG action7 January 2021
The complete XCOM 2 DLC guide7 January 2021
ADATA reveals its DDR5 RAM with a 68% transfer speed increase7 January 2021
How to signal the coral buddies in Fortnite7 January 2021
Neverwinter gets a three-episode return to mythical Sharandar in its next module7 January 2021
Minecraft's Bloom map lets you restore and tend to an abandoned garden7 January 2021
This Skyrim mod restores Winterhold to its former glory, with new buildings and a spooky mine7 January 2021
GTA Online's weekly update brings the Weevil to stores in Los Santos7 January 2021
Thrustmaster Eswap X Pro review - is the future of controllers modular?7 January 2021
Someone sells footage of Dead or Alive nude mods as a porn DVD, gets sued6 January 2021
Wasteland developer Inxile is starting work on a first-person RPG6 January 2021
Cyberpunk 2077 devs say that rumour you saw on GameFAQs is, shockingly, "not true"6 January 2021
Square Enix kills Outriders' February launch, but we're getting a free demo instead6 January 2021
This Stardew Valley mod adds a whole region, 24 NPCs, new romances, and more6 January 2021
Cyberpunk 2077's PC performance can't be improved with this config file edit6 January 2021
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